* wymagane wczesniejsze zapisy u prowadzącego

During the classes you will be able to feel like children who believe in the world of imagination and its great power. You will wake up your creative potential so that it serves you not only in your professional but also private life.

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Prowadzący: Zofia Zoń

  • Pt
  • 19:00 - 20:30
  • Sala Piętro Wyżej

Acro Yoga and Thai Massage | Intermediate group | Acro Tribe

On Tuesdays from From 8:30 p.m. to 9:45 p.m. we start our adventure with AcroYoga and Thai Massage with an intermediate group.
From 7:15 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. you can join the core group to warm up with the basics of acroyogi, natural movement, movement and play fight.

You can only come to classes at 7:15 p.m. or 8:30 p.m., but we sincerely encourage those who already have acro basics to use both, which gives you almost three hours on the move.

Joint trainings, during which we share our best experiences in working with the body, expand the awareness of the body and movement in a pleasant way.
We conduct meetings based on favorite exercises in selected techniques (partner acrobatics, acroyoga, acrobalance, animal flow, contact-improvisation, massage, Play Fight and others).

Classes are aimed at developing: strength, coordination, agility, flexibility and body awareness.
As acro is a sport based on cooperation and trust, we attach great importance to group integration, the well-being of participants and mutual respect.
We invite you without registration, but on time

Basia Psiuk and WeroNika Tyrpa

Water. We practice barefoot, in a comfortable and non-slippery outfit without pockets, zippers or buttons.

The contact price list applies:
* Classes at 18:00 and 19:30 are paid separately.

WE HONOR: Multisport card and OKSystem


Prowadzący: Acro Tribe

  • Wt
  • 20:30 - 21:45
  • Sala Niebieska

In these classes you will get a complementary introduction to how to safely and enjoyably train acro yoga.
Acro Yoga and Thai Massage | Group from scratch |

Acro Tribe On Tuesdays from 19:15 – 20:30
we start our adventure with AcroYoga and Thai Massage with a group from scratch.
In these classes you will get a complementary introduction to how to safely and enjoyably train acro yoga. You can come alone, you can come together. We invite you to the world of acro yoga, which allows you to rediscover yourself and play with your inner child. ❤

“AcroYoga in an inspiring way combines several elements: the wisdom of yoga, the dynamics of acrobatics and the delicacy of massage. It is a sensitive exchange that allows us to deepen our trust in ourselves, our partner and space. It opens the senses, develops empathy and communication skills, builds stability and at the same time It strengthens and relaxes Creates harmony It allows you to integrate emotions and body, expand awareness, soar high and experience how the impossible becomes possible It makes our body full of life energy It gives freedom It can stop time so we can feel the pure joy that comes from being in the here and now without being restrained. It is beautiful. And that’s what we love it for! ”

Joint trainings, during which we share our best experiences in working with the body, broaden the awareness of the body and movement in an accessible way. We conduct meetings based on favorite exercises in selected techniques (partner acrobatics, acroyoga, acrobalance, animal flow, contact-improvisation, massage, Play Fight and others).
Classes are aimed at developing: strength, coordination, agility, flexibility and body awareness.

We invite you without registration, but on time 😉
Basia Psiuk and WeroNika Tyrpa AcroTribe 🤸🏼‍♀️

Water. We practice barefoot, in a comfortable and non-slippery outfit without pockets, zippers or buttons.

PRICE LIST: The contact price list is in force:
* Classes at 18:00 and 19:30 are paid separately.
WE HONOR: Multisport card OKSystem


Prowadzący: Acro Tribe

  • Wt
  • 19:15 - 20:30
  • Sala Niebieska

Acro Yoga is an innovative form of practice which combines elements of gymnastics, yoga, massage and stretching.

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Prowadzący: Tomasz Pacan

  • Śr
  • 17:45 - 19:15
  • Sala Niebieska

Classes dedicated mainly to the solar side of Acro Yoga. This is a course, but you are also invited to attend a single meeting. The topic is announced before the class, so if you want to practice something in particular you will find many opportunities. Each meeting will be devoted to a different issue.

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Prowadzący: Tomasz Pacan

  • Czw
  • 18:00 - 19:30
  • Sala Biała

Breathing, relaxing and stretching exercises with calming music.

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Prowadzący: Krzysztof Satora

  • Czw
  • 19:30 - 20:45
  • Sala Niebieska

African dance is a dance of joy and power! Come to Kontakt for a dose of African energy and sun!
Instructors: Alain Ndasi, Gerard Guyzo
[Zobacz Więcej]

Prowadzący: Alain NCA, Gerard Guyzo

  • Czw
  • 19:30 - 20:45
  • Sala Biała

Authentic Jazz is a dance that dates back to the 1930s of the Golden Age of Swing. It was created with
the need for expression for the then emerging swing music served by big big bands
jazz. Expression through authentic movement, inspired by what is around – the world of nature and life
Usually danced solo, he does not ignore other people on the dance floor;) We notice ourselves
we inspire each other, we interact, and we often dance in a circle.
It is also a great complement to a pair dance – it introduces a lot of flavor to the old one
good Lindy Hop 
Authentic Jazz features expressive and dynamic movements as well as slow and
unhurried. You can get tired in it, you can lazily melt in it. You can also melt away
in good fatigue;) Depending on what the music invites us to at the moment and
our body.
During the classes we will draw on the already existing, original alphabet of Authentic Jazz, but also
add more letters to it. To create inspiration from what is already present – outside and inside us
We will also draw from the intuitive movement so as to get used to our body as much as possible
feel good in it. Take care of our bodies, make them move and enjoy them! 

PLACE: Contact. Space of Dance and Music Movement, ul. Szpitalna 40, 1st floor, Kraków

CLASS DATE: Thursdays at 18.15-19.30 (Blue Room)

PRICE LIST: the contact price list is valid
We accept Multisport and OKsystem cards


WHAT TO TAKE: Water and comfortable soft-soled shoes

ABOUT THE LEADER: Gosia Żurawska

Prowadzący: Gosia Żurawska

  • Czw
  • 18:00 - 19:15
  • Sala Niebieska

You know this state when you feel full of energy, full of life, your mind is clear, your emotions are clear and your body is alive, firm and springy.
It’s a beautiful place ….

During the “Wake up the body” classes we will move to this place 🙂
We will learn tools that will allow us to be there more often and easier. We will use various methods to cultivate our vitality, liveliness, our life energy.
Cultivate, it means take care of it, strengthen it and develop it.

The pillars on which we will be based are:
// Qi gong – a thousand-year-old traditional Chinese practice of cultivating life energy. It consists of simple forms of movement, coordinated with the breath and the intention of the mind, as well as meditation and visualizations.
// Lowen Bioenergy Exercise – Simple exercises to increase vitality and energy levels, release tension, increase grounding in your legs and body, and increase the ability to feel pleasure.
// breathing – various breathing techniques – as simple as an effective tool for influencing our energy or psychophysical state
// movement – mainly movement aimed at stretching the fascia and spontaneous movement
// working with the mind – mindfulness, intention, visualization, meditation
// relaxation – deep relaxation and releasing tension

What can you expect?
– feeling great
– intensive de-stress
– better feeling of your body, your energy, your emotions
– pleasure
– state of joy, peace, clarity, energy and harmony
– excellent class experience
– simple methods that you can take with you and use yourself.

All this in the context of awakening our body, increasing our energy levels and enhancing our vitality. Invite! Karol Swoboda

About the teacher: Karol Swoboda

THURSDAYS, 6:00 p.m. – 7:15 p.m.


Prowadzący: Karol Swoboda

  • Czw
  • 18:00 - 19:15
  • Sala Piętro Wyżej


Anatomy in experience –  working with body awareness according to the Body Mind Centering method.

Classes are conducted by IWONA OLSZOWSKA! – a dancer, choreographer, teacher, and lecturer at the PWST in Krakow; known and appreciated in Poland and abroad.

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Prowadzący: Iwona Olszowska

  • Pn
  • 18:30 - 20:00
  • Sala Biała

We accept applications until September 25.

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Prowadzący: Wassim Ibrahim

  • Pt
  • 17:15 - 18:00
  • Sala Piętro Wyżej Niebieska

Classes that help children to discover the world of dance in a creative and interesting way.

Sign up for classes:
+ 48 601 519 027
Instructors: Agnieszka Tatara, Monika Szpunar, Ola Zgłobica, Monika Węgrzynowicz

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Prowadzący: Agnieszka Tatara, Ola Zgłobica

We do not have to be musicians to sing in a choir. It is enough when you like to sing or say something. In a different way, or even cry and shout, or just murmur – here you will find your place.

Our Choir in Contact received the title of KRAKOW AMBASSADOR OF MULTICULTURALISM A.D. 2019! <3

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Prowadzący: Wassim Ibrahim

  • Pn
  • 17:00 - 18:30
  • Sala Piętro Wyżej
  • Czw
  • 19:45 - 21:00
  • Sala Piętro Wyżej Niebieska

We invite you to the Multicultural Choir of Seniors!

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Prowadzący: Wassim Ibrahim

  • Pn
  • 12:00 - 13:30
  • Sala Piętro Wyżej

Unique classes designed by the instructor, based on years of experience and daily practice of tango, contact improvisation, dance improvisation, dance theater, partnering, physiotherapy and voice emission. After classes on Tuesday – Contact-Impro practice!
Instructor: Edward Rey

[Zobacz Więcej]

Prowadzący: Edward Rey

  • Wt
  • 20:30 - 22:00
  • Sala Biała
  • Pt
  • 19:30 - 20:45
  • Sala Biała

Contact Vocal improvisations…
create a space for deepening the awareness of your voice and body in interaction with others and yourself myself.
[Zobacz Więcej]

Prowadzący: Edward Rey, Zofia Trystuła-Hovhannisyan 

  • Śr
  • 20:30 - 21:45
  • Sala Niebieska

in the period: 13.10.2021 – 05.01.2022

There are 3 options for attending the course:

– the entire course (Diamond course) – 34 workshop hours
– only Wednesdays plus two Fridays (silver course) – 19 workshop hours
– only Fridays plus 2 Wednesdays (white course) – 21 workshop hours

By participating in the Diamond Course, you will receive a certificate confirming participation in the course.

In this course, you will receive a lot of tools in the fields of: movement composition (choreography), physical theater, dance improvisation, therapeutic dance, relaxation techniques.

Before reading the description, I invite you to watch the video with the opinions of the participants:

And an interview with the course leader:

– MODERN DANCE AFTER YOURS (or how to feel and understand movement from the inside)
– MOVEMENT COMPOSITION – the practice of creating original movement / choreographic arrangements
– DANCE IMPROVISATION TECHNIQUES (including structural improvisation)
– PHYSICAL THEATER (i.e. stories told with the body)
– BODY AWARENESS (including sensory training)

– “INTERART DANCE” (original method / combining movement and other fields of art)
– “DRY BRUSHES” (original method of working with the body)
– WORKING WITH VOICE in the context of working with the body (basics)


FRIDAY WORKSHOPS CONTEMPORARY DANCE and MOVEMENT COMPOSITION: This style of dance grew on the border of the 19th and 20th centuries, when Isadora Duncan rejected the principles of classical dance by “breaking” its rules. Contemporary dance is (often) spatial and expressive movement. A movement that tells a story and one that can express: an idea, emotions, feelings. Its uniqueness and theatricality is based on movement combined with intention. It is a movement in which our entire being manifests itself. In which the dancer’s personality is important and largely determines his individual style. Movement that promotes feeling, thinking, asking questions and pure creation, which also has a healing effect. Creating choreography is often a very creative process that develops a dancer / choreographer on many levels. The basic physical elements of this dance are: – quality of movement, including: tension, weight, impulse, size, pace, dynamics, shape, direction, etc. – work with the traffic center – three-dimensional movement of the spine – movement on the floor, vertically and off the vertical – the characteristic elements of the movement are, among others: movement on the floor, vertically and outside the vertical; turns; jumps; inverted positions, off balance, swing, spiral, slide … We will sometimes work with “ready” movements, but the main topics of the Friday workshops are learning movement composition, not learning the technique of contemporary dance. During Friday workshops, you get the tools to compose your own stories with your body. Step by step, using various methods, we learn the language of choreography to finally get used to it.

WEDNESDAY WORKSHOPS DANCE IMPROVISATION AND PHYSICAL THEATER Basic issues: -center of movement and articulation of the limbs -mobilization of the spine – traveling between the floor and the vertical -shapes – Continuum and Staccato movement -Motion line -motion dynamics -symbols of the body and gesture -intention and movement – the art of acting and stopping in dance – senses and movement -contrasts -communication through movement -working with a prop – solo movement, in duets and in a group * during the course there are 2, max. 3 workshops on contact improvisation during Wednesday / Friday workshops

POSSIBLE BENEFITS FOR THE BODY AND THE SPIRIT: – increasing awareness of the body – increasing spontaneity (reducing the path from impulse to movement, sound, action) – feeling the body, being present in the body and through the body (reading signals in the body) – reacting instead of producing – communicating with with oneself and with others – expanding horizons and ranges: physical and mental – discovering creativity and thinking “out of the box” – powerful training for the imagination – realization of one’s own potential (not only creative) – expressing oneself as I am (authenticity) – work combined with fun – a lot of inspiration – meeting new people in a similar circle of interests and yourself from a new website.

Opinions about the course:
Written: https: //www.facebook .com / interartdance / reviews

CONTRAINDICATIONS – psychotic states – psychotropic therapy – advanced pregnancy and puerperium – various types of inflammation and acute conditions – epilepsy – glaucoma oneself: – high sensitivity to strong stimuli, e.g. loud sounds – the period of breastfeeding – the use of pharmacological agents – general poor condition of the body This course is not a form of therapy, If someone is in therapy, it is worth informing your therapist that you are planning to take participation in these workshops.

COURSE ADDRESSEES: The course is dedicated to people who already have experience in movement / dance / theater / physical theater, but … the course is designed so that both professionals and amateurs can use it. We also invite: performers and artists of all fields ready for physical effort. We also invite people who use or want to use body work in their work or want to enrich their methods of work, as well as people interested in dance therapy (including therapists. Teachers and people working with children are welcome. If you feel that this course is calling you, but you have no experience with movement, write to us. Together we will decide if it is for you. If you are deaf or hard of hearing, I invite you to participate, provided that You will be accompanied by a remote sign language interpreter The course is for people who are able to not miss more than 5 meetings in the Diamond version, or 3 meetings in the White and Silver version Age does not matter as long as your body is used to.

Host: Alicja Miszczor: Born in 1982. Lives in Krakow.A movement actress, dancer, improviser, experienced movement composition instructor, dance improvisation, physical theater. The creator of the InterArt Dance method. Certified Hatha Yoga instructor. Scholarship holder of the Alternative Dance Academy in Poznań. Certified choreotherapy instructor: Movement Improvisation and Body Symbolism (Institute of Dance and Movement Dynamics / Essen / r. Detlef Kappert). A graduate of PPSKAK in Kalisz in the field of contemporary dance. From 2008 to 2015, she was a dancer of the EST Experimental Dance Studio with Iwona Olszowska. From 2013 to 2015, she collaborated with the Barakah Theater in Krakow. Author of numerous performances and dance videos. She cooperates with the Kreissau Foundation, where he conducts workshops for people with physical and intellectual disabilities.

Playlist on yt:
Page on fb: Alicja Miszczor. Interart Dance Group
on fb: Interart Dance. Workshops with Alicja Miszczor
Dance video group on fb:
Instagram: interartdance_and_joga

Wednesdays: 18: 00-19: 20
Fridays: 18: 00-19: 30

Duration and dates:
October 13-January 5
Specific dates of the workshops: 13, 15, 20, 22, 27, 29 October
3.5, 10, 12, 17. 19.24, 26 November
1,3,8,10, 15,17,22,29 December
5.7 January

-3 months, twice a week, 34 workshop hours – early bird price (price until September 30): PLN 1,200. –

Price after this date: PLN 1400. – early bird price for people who have already participated in the course – PLN 1050.
-price after September 30 for people who have already participated in the course -1250 PLN. – the price of an early bird for people who took part in the course three times: 1000 PLN.

-price after September 30 for people who took part in the course three times: PLN 1150.

PRICE FOR THE WHITE COURSE (ONLY FRIDAYS plus two Wednesdays to choose from) -3 months, 21 workshop hours -price for the early bird: 890 PLN. -Price after September 30: PLN 1050. (ONLY WEDNESDAY, plus two Fridays to choose from)

PRICE FOR THE SILVER COURSE (ONLY WEDNESDAY) -3 months, 19 workshop hours – price early bird: 890 PLN – price after September 30: 1050 PLN. Cancellations: Until October 6 – full refund Until October 10 – half amount refund After October 13 – refund will not be included.

In the subject of the e-mail, enter the name of the course and your surname. In the text of the e-mail, briefly describe your experience and expectations for the course.
Note: When registering, the order of applications together with the advance payment will be counted. First, we accept registration for the Diamond course. At the same time, a list of reservations for the Silver and White courses is created. After closing the registration for the Diamond course, people willing to participate in the White and Silver Courses automatically “jump” on the official list of course participants.
Please be patient. The number of places on the course is limited.
* The course does not include: school tickets, Multisport cards and OK SYSTEM MIEJSCE: Kontakt Przestrzeń Ruchu i Tańca, ul. Szpitalna 40, 1st floor, Kraków

Prowadzący: Alicja Miszczor

  • Śr
  • 18:00 - 19:15
  • Sala Biała
  • Pt
  • 18:00 - 19:30
  • Sala Biała


We invite you to Kontakt fresh YOGA CLASSES with our Lady of Yoga – Ala Poloczek!

Practice is based on teachings restorative, yin yoga & slow flow. Take a deep exhale and join us in the mat!

WHEN? – WEDNESDAY, 7:30 p.m. – 9 p.m

Attention! We are already starting NEXT WEDNESDAY – 6.10!


About the Leader:
Alicja Poloczek started practicing yoga in 2010 in Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. She deepens her yoga knowledge by participating in numerous workshops conducted by Polish and foreign teachers from Russia, , Germany, France and India. She received teacher certificates 200 and 300 RYS in the cradle of yoga – Rishikeshu (India). From 2016, a member of Yoga Alliance International.

Prowadzący: Alicja Poloczek

Feel Your Body – Kasia Maria Rosalia

I invite you to classes, after which you will be closer to your body <3
Mix of various techniques of movement, dance, pilates, breathing, improvisation.
Classes strengthen, relax and give a lot of fun.
After training, we come out happier and more integrated.
Give it a try!

Host: Kasia Maria Rosalia


Prowadzący: Kasia Maria Rosalia

  • Wt
  • 18:15 - 19:15
  • Sala Biała

“You can’t learn Flow Yoga, but you can remind yourself that “you already have it in you”, you can
remember what a great pleasure comes from being in your body in the state of flow”

You will receive a link to the event after submitting an e-mail to the host
[Zobacz Więcej]

Prowadzący: Julia Weliczenko

Forró is a very joyful and popular dance from Brazil that is taking Europe by storm. It has the madness of Latin dances and the energy of dances from the Old Continent.

[Zobacz Więcej]

Prowadzący: Junior Arto, Renata Liszka

  • Pt
  • 18:45 - 20:00
  • Sala Niebieska

Harmony of Voice and Body – it is work on the voice in a holistic concept (body, emotions, voice). It is a training that draws from yoga, physical exercises to release tensions in the body, tuning fork techniques and personality coaching. It is also polishing beautiful polyphonic songs with subtle work on the technique
[Zobacz Więcej]

Prowadzący: Aleksandra Zawłocka

  • Wt
  • 18:00 - 19:15
  • Sala Niebieska
  • Śr
  • 10:00 - 11:15
  • Sala Biała

We invite you to individual dance practices!

Registration at the teachers.

Dear Woman
I invite you to a series of 12 yoga meetings for women.
In a small group of women, we will explore our body through yoga positions, breathing, natural movement and meditation.
Joni yoga – these are my original yoga sessions based on many years of experience in yoga, dance, movement, singing and meditation. Classes take into account women’s cyclicality related to menstruation. While practicing yoga, I experienced that a woman’s body has completely different needs within a month. I will share with you my observations and sequences for a particular time in the monthly cycle. Classes are for every woman – regardless of the level of advancement. 

If you are just starting out, I will gently introduce you to yoga practice.

🌸Why yoni?
🌸 Joni, the female sacred space, which means physically the female sexual organs, and in a broader sense, it is the space where energy, life, ideas, and our female creation are born. It is the creative and energetic center of a woman. It is also drawing from the wisdom of the womb and the natural female rhythm. So I invite you to discover your femininity, sensuality, joy and pleasure of being in the body. I will also share my magic practices and rituals that support me on a daily basis and at special times, such as New Moon or Full Moon.

🔥 “COURAGE” or Freya – is a card from the Goddess Leadership deck that guides and patronizes this 3-month journey. I invite you 🙏🏻

💫 What will appear during the session: – yoga positions – breathing practices – free movement / dance – meditation – relaxation in sounds

💫What you need: – yoga mats (also available on site) – a warm large scarf Note: The course may be conducted in English if non-Polish speaking women join.

🌱 The course consists of 12 sessions.

🧘🏻‍♀️Number of seats: Max. 9

⏰When? Start: 05.10 – 21.12 Every Tuesday at 6:00 p.m. – 7:15 p.m.

Price: PLN 480.

💫Where: Kontakt. A space for movement and dance. Ul. Szpitalna 40, Kraków

👉🏻How to join?
– send your e-mail and private message: or e-mail:

Please send a transfer within 7 days of notification in the amount of PLN 480. to the data: Joni Joga Ewa Rumieńczyk 04 1050 1793 1000 0090 9328 2003
Title: “Joni Yoga – course, name and surname”.

When paying after 09/24, the amount is non-returnable, with the option of indicating a participant for a replacement.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me: tel. 512 165 565 See you 🧘🏻‍♀️ Ewa

Prowadzący: Ewa Rumieńczyk

  • Wt
  • 18:00 - 19:15
  • Sala Piętro Wyżej Niebieska

Konsultacja przed porodem

W skład konsultacji wchodzi:

  • Nauka podstawowych zasad postępowania po porodzie,
  • Nakierowanie uwagi na najczęściej występujące powikłania oraz sposoby ich uniknięcia, czyli tzw. „profilaktyka powikłań poporodowych”,
  • Nauka zarówno autooceny stanu kresy białej, jak i podstawowej autoterapii pomagającej zmniejszyć jej rozejście,
  • Materiały dydaktyczne, w których zawarte są wszystkie omawiane treści.

Konsultacja po porodzie

W skład konsultacji wchodzi:

  • Wywiad z pacjentką,
  • Ocena stanu mięśni brzucha (w tym również kresy białej),
  • Ocena dna miednicy,
  • Testy oceniające zakresy ruchomości w stawach,
  • Dobór odpowiednich ćwiczeń.
Odbycie konsultacji jest warunkiem koniecznym przed przystąpieniem do zajęć dla mam po porodzie gwarantującym bezpieczeństwo ćwiczeń.

Prowadzący: Magda Dymarczyk-Szary

Konsultacje z Fizjomą*Fanpage Konsultacje z Fizjomą*

Dyplomowani masażyści zapraszają!

– Masaż klasyczny,

– Masaż sportowy,

– Masaż relaksacyjny,

– Autorskie ścieżki masażu.

Zapisy u prowadzących:

* Edward: 788496365

* Tatiana: 796465583

Prowadzący: Edward Rey, Tatiana Buniak

What can I say – the massage is great and that’s it 🙂
Massage can be an excellent and unique form of relaxation, relaxation, experiencing touch and contact with other people. It allows you to start healing processes on many levels. It helps with tense, painful muscles, and heals our bodies and minds – as long as it’s done properly.

At our meetings, we will try to experience it the hard way 🙂
I invite everyone who wants to learn to give and receive massage, regardless of previous experience.
Yes, completely beginners and without any experience can join us too 🙂

You have to sign up for classes by e-mail.
The list of places is limited.
Please submit an e-mail application with the name and surname of each participant to the following address:
Receiving an e-mail confirmation means signing up for classes.

– bring two LARGE towels to class (preferably 70×140 cm or 110×175 cm or larger) to cover and put under the head.
– If you massage with oils: bring your favorite massage oil.

It is worth:
– taking care of the right outfit: for massage with oils – bathing suit or underwear, for massages with clothes – loose, light, soft and comfortable clothes, preferably without zippers and hard elements.
– come 🙂

Price of classes:
standard contact prices by e.g.
single entry PLN 30, OK System or passes.

We pay at the reception desk, before class.
NOTE: Multisport cards are not accepted.

Mondays, 8:00 p.m. – 9:45 p.m.

Meetings consist of an introductory part, during which we prepare to work with a partner / partner using relaxation techniques, meditation, breathing exercises or warm-up movement. Then we move on to the 2 massage parts, so that each participant both massages and is massaged / massaged. The massage parts of the classes are carried out in the formula of free improvisation, so that each massager has space for massage. In the massage team, we agree on the expected range of massage – everyone can choose according to their current needs. You can ask for a massage of the feet, back, shoulders or the whole body.
Beginners who need guidance and guidance can ask questions and we will always find a way to find their way to massage.
You can come alone, you can with a partner – during the classes we arrange massage teams, you can also stay in your pair.
It is not possible to partially participate in the classes or observe the classes.

Good touch, contact, physical, tangible care of our body has an extremely therapeutic effect and at the same time is available to everyone. We learn massage through experience, focusing on contact with the massaged person, contact with ourselves when giving a massage, smooth movements, natural touch, discovering and approaching the needs of the people we massage. We practice both a passive attitude, expressing trust, devotion and hope to take care of us (massaged people). We also practice an active, committed, attentive, caring attitude, focused on a partner / partner (massage persons).
Each meeting is different.

The basic principles of our Monday meetings are:
– learning through experience
– symmetry: we always massage and are massaged
– open to ourselves, our needs and feelings
– open to the person with whom we practice and their needs
– clear delineation and respect for boundaries
– readiness to feel good 🙂

Host: Rafał Kałuzieński 

People with contusions, injuries, sick or pregnant must inform the teacher about it before the start of classes. During the meetings, we will not deal with medical activities or perform invasive manipulations – people who need this type of treatment should contact an appropriate, trained physiotherapist or doctor.


We invite everyone looking for the pleasure and freedom of being in touch with their own voice, group and traditional songs. You don’t need to have any music or voice education behind you.

[Zobacz Więcej]

Prowadzący: Sabina Krauze

Mobility to handstand – Haytham Hmiedat
Every  Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. in Kontakt 
* contact prices:
*Join our HANDSTAND AND MOBILITY workshop with a great student/teacher Haytham Hmiedat, who has been working with handstands, spine, hip, and shoulders mobility for 4 years now, and helped many to correct their posture and improve handstand variations.
Posture correction
Spine mobility
Shoulder mobility
Hip mobility
Balancing the body is essential and can be achieved by working on the posture: the spine, shoulders and the hips.
If your dealing with any type of back or shoulders pain these classes are for you. You will stand up on your feet comfortably and learn to stand on your hands in no time.
Bringing the body back to the natural way of moving will make you feel free and help you move in every way possible, using the gymnastic strength training and mobility drills that your body has never been exposed to.
Posture correction drills and shoulder opening movements based on playing and fun, hands dancing and handstands exercises that fit everyone on all levels.

Prowadzący: Haytham Hmiedat

  • Śr
  • 19:30 - 20:30
  • Sala Niebieska

We invite you to a series of classes in a permanent group – the Movement from Feeling course – Tuesdays, 6.00-19.45, from October 26 to November 30 (6 meetings). Entries are valid for the entire cycle. We meet in a permanent, closed group at Kontakt, space of movement and dance in Krakow.

Feel free to take the first or subsequent steps in building a deep, full acceptance of the relationship with your body – through the processes of soothing, gentle unblocking, expression and return to your own power.


The road leads through:
🍃 deepening the awareness of the body
🍃 conscious movement in harmony with the nature of the body (somatic education, organic movement). A free, improvised dance that allows you to go beyond the known patterns
🍃 (cooperation) with the body – attentive, soothing touch, supporting in “recovering” the body and feeling and establishing authentic contact.

🌱 I will lead you with my voice so that you will not notice when you start swimming and dancing :)🌱

✨More about the road✨
With mindfulness, gentleness, respect for the body and its hidden needs, we will plunge into conscious, free movement – one that:
🍃 It will help to release the tension accumulated in the body
🍃 It will open you up for pleasure
🍃 deeply relaxing, reducing the effects of everyday stress
🍃 will reveal a new perspective for your perception of the body – its needs, injuries, problems
🍃 can both indicate a problem and be a tool for solving it.

We will guide our attention through the layers and structures of our body, using working with experimental anatomy as a way – to awaken movement in harmony with the nature of the body. We will open up to the pleasure that flows from such a movement, to the exploration of a new perspective of perceiving the body, processes taking place in it, including injuries and problems.

Through self-massage and gentle touch, we will learn how to trust our hands, how to give and receive such attentive touch, taking care of our limits. We allow ourselves to take advantage of the support that another person can give us.

By remaining aware of what is happening inside us, we will meet the other person. In silence, in music, in a dance that will be a natural development of conscious movement, we will open ourselves to the joy of contact, to the power of experiencing together as a group. The pleasure that comes from free movement, from moving frozen areas of the body, from discovering new forms of movement.

By observing the relationship that develops between us, we will examine what presence in contact means to us, capturing the moments when we really meet and those when something blocks us from meeting here and now. Together we will look for alignment and flow.

By examining the connection of mind and movement, we will touch (with the whole body;)) topics:
-> power flowing from gentleness, subtlety
-> freedom of choice – by breaking patterns, dominant patterns of movement – maybe they block the development of others?
-> superpower activated during play
-> balance between improvisation and finding oneself in the structure
-> differences between taking, receiving, giving and allowing

We move in silence and with music. At each meeting there will be space to share what we have experienced in the circle.

For whom?
The classes are for you, if you feel that:
✨ you want to get used to dancing, but you do not want to repeat and remember steps
✨ would like to enrich your dance workshop with a new perspective of experiencing the body in motion ✨ Your body gives you signals that it needs attention (tensions in the body, fatigue, a sense of numbness, chronic and mysterious pains)
✨ you want to get to know yourself better, take a gentle look at your relationship with your body, how you establish relationships with others 🙂
✨ you want to spend time with other people in an atmosphere of acceptance, freedom, mindfulness
✨ you have no experience with dancing and body work, but something pulls you in this direction …

I believe that conscious movement is a good that we can all benefit from – regardless of fitness, experience with movement or blockages in the head and other parts of us 🙂 Come, if you feel this ‘calling’ while reading this description;)

Important – you do not need to be a dancer / dancer, have experience in consciously working with the body. I am happy to invite people to my classes who “have never done such things” 😉
If you have them and you are immersed in this world – I also invite you.
Each encounter with the body and feeling is another step to deepen this relationship 🙂

Each group process carries its own unique power.

Kontakt. Space at Szpitalna 40, 2nd floor, oriental room
Tuesdays, 6.00 pm – 7:45 pm



If you have any questions about the classes, feel free to write to the e-mail address provided above 🙂

Leading: Joanna Książkiewicz

Prowadzący: Joanna Książkiewicz

  • Wt
  • 18:00 - 19:30
  • Sala Piętro Wyżej


Prowadzący: Wassim Ibrahim

Come on, all of You playing instruments, singing, improvising, dancing.
This is time and space for You – for vocal, music and dance experiments.
Let the music carry us on its wings.

Join us every Thursday at 9 p.m. – ?

Prowadzący: Edward Rey

  • Czw
  • 21:00 - 23:45
  • Sala Biała

PANTA REI – a dance party with world music
Sunday (this and any other) – start at 9 p.m. till… (it depends on You).

Come, bring others positively crazy to dance!

PANTA REI – take a break …
From work, laptop, stillness, sadness, break away from each person, rest the work cycle in connection with veins, feeds nutrition, soothes, recharges …
This and every Sunday we give you a medicine for everything – DANCE!
Try it on yourself, it has the power!

WHITE ROOM: tango, blues, swing, salsa, ethno, rock, dance improvisation and other such … – what, who plays in the soul and knocks on their feet

BLUE ROOM: Brazilian dances, forró, zouk.

– – Admission: 5 zł – –

* We dance barefoot or in variable shoes.

KONTAKT. Space of Movement and Dance ul. Szpitalna 40, 1st floor, Kraków

Prowadzący: Edward Rey, Junior Arto

  • Nd
  • 21:00 - 23:45
  • Sala Biała
  • Nd
  • 21:00 - 23:45
  • Sala Niebieska

Author’s classes based on many years of experience and daily practice in the field of tango, contact improvisation, dance improvisation, dance theater, partnering, physiotherapy and voice emission.

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Prowadzący: Edward Rey


Contact Improvisation is a form of dance of financial partners on the basis of touch, momentum, shared weight, and above all – following common contact.
This dance practice explores the skills of falling, rolling, counterbalancing, with minimal rescue, how to make yourself light during installation, centering and breathing techniques, and reacting to our partners and surroundings.
“Contact Improvisation is honoring every moment. It is the sweet surrender to have when our body is later faithful to what is happening now and now … and NOW!
We learn to recognize and distinguish subtle impulses in our movement choices and choices. We begin to decode the directions we give and receive that tell us when to lead or follow, when to go up, when to descend, where to touch, how to lift, when to slow down, and when not to move. In this form we stay honest in every choice, never forcing, never rushing.
When Body, Mind and Spirit are united in their instinctive wisdom, they sell themselves at home every moment, expressing their true nature “- Moti Zemelman

“Contact improvisation for an open exploration of the kinesthetic possibilities of bodies moving through contact. Sometimes wild and athletic, sometimes silent and meditative, it is a form open to all bodies and inquisitive minds.” Rey Chung

This very unconventional form of dance / movement of countless challenges and stimuli for the development of the spontaneous intelligence of our bodies. A variety of quality, pace, levels, work with balance, workload and the other person; constant, moment by moment changeability. I fell in love with improvisation contacts from the first contact😄
I love KI for its extraordinary freedom and freedom of expression, for its unpredictability, for being present, with itself and with a partner, for how it pulls us powerfully into the present moment, where we spontaneously co-create movement. It is truly a magical dance 🙂

WHAT WILL WE DO IN THE CLASSES? During the classes we will learn and practice the basic issues and techniques of contact-improvisation and simply practice. No prior knowledge of KI is required – all you need is a willingness to learn this form of dance, curiosity and a willingness to play and learn.
I cordially invite you, Karol Swoboda.

LEADER: Karol Swoboda / Dawid Swoboda

THURSDAYS, 7:30 p.m. – 8:45 p.m. (the blue room above)


Prowadzący: Karol Swoboda

  • Czw
  • 19:30 - 20:45
  • Sala Piętro Wyżej

We are dynamic on Tuesdays! …
During the classes, we pay special attention to the synchronization of movement and breathing, smoothly switching between static positions.
Asanas (postures) play with the rhythm of the body and breathing, but also with the music that accompanies the practice.

VINYASA – DYNAMIC YOGA Tuesdays, 7:30 p.m. – 8:45 p.m.  (room “upstairs”)

* Attention! In times of pandemic, it’s better to use your OWN exercise mat. If you decide to use our contact, please disinfect it with the disinfectants available in Contact BEFORE and AFTER class. Thank you in advance! :*

During the classes, we pay special attention to the synchronization of movement and breathing, smoothly switching between static positions. The asanas (postures) harmonize not only with the body and breathing rhythm, but also with the music that accompanies the practice. Classes are characterized by a fast pace. Practice is demanding, but at the same time it effectively improves the physical condition – we become more flexible, we obtain the correct posture, the work of the circulatory system and our general well-being improve. Through exercise, we allow ourselves to better understand our own body.

Classes recommended for physically fit people who like challenges 🙂
Please bring a comfortable outfit with you.
It is recommended not to eat heavy meals 2 hours before class.

There is no registration for classes, so … see you on the mat! 😉


Prowadzący: Alicja Poloczek

  • Wt
  • 19:30 - 20:45
  • Sala Piętro Wyżej

The most important bond in our life, and the most difficult one to establish, is the bond with ourselves.
It is also our foundation for honest and healthy relationships with other people. We need habits, and let the greatest of these be our contact with ourselves.

You will receive a link to the event after submitting an e-mail to the host!

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Prowadzący: Julia Weliczenko

OPEN yoga, that is for everyone!

Are you a beginner? These classes will strengthen you in your practice.
Or maybe a yoga sweeper? The classes will surely surprise you!Yoga OPEN, that is, we open! – We open our body and heart. We look for an internal rhythm, release the tension and recharge the batteries. We will work with the breath, positions, but also with our own barriers, opening ourselves to new spiritual and physical experiences.
Join our barefoot contact yogis!

WHEN? SUNDAYS, 7:00 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.

We invite everyone to the classes, regardless of age and physical fitness.

Tips: “before class”:
– two hours before class, avoid heavy meals, exercise barefoot,
– we choose an outfit that does not restrict movement for classes,
– please report any indispositions directly before classes to modify asanas,
– during the course, several variants of positions from basic to advanced will be proposed, depending on the level of advancement in practice,
– by deciding to participate in classes, try to reach YOUR limits TODAY 🙂


Prowadzący: Alicja Poloczek

  • Nd
  • 19:00 - 20:30
  • Sala Piętro Wyżej

During these classes, ASANAS will be worked out in great detail, from simple to more complicated (twine, lotus, balances, handstand and their variations);
As a reward for your effort, you will receive increased body efficiency, greater mobility and flexibility of the joints and the back, physical and mental resistance, improved hormonal balance, a beautiful body, and inner peace. :)We will focus on learning the safe technique of performing the exercises, thanks to it you will do what previously seemed impossible in a quick, comfortable and, above all, SAFE way! 🙂

* To obtain the maximum effect of exercise and the primary goal of health and strength of our body and spirit, regular practice is needed during classes. During the classes, elements of Ahtanga yoga, Iyengar yoga, Ukrainion balance yoga will be performed, and we will also enter new areas of hatha yoga, such as Y23, balance yoga, adho yoga.
– Curious ?! – Welcome! 🙂


* Mondays, 7:00 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.
* Thursdays, 6:15 p.m. – 7:45 p.m.


** Attention! In times of pandemic, it’s better to use your OWN exercise mat. If you decide to use our contact, please disinfect it with the disinfectants available in Contact BEFORE and AFTER class. Thank you in advance! : *

Prowadzący: Artem Nakonechnyi

  • Pn
  • 19:00 - 20:30
  • Sala Piętro Wyżej Niebieska
  • Czw
  • 18:15 - 19:45
  • Sala Piętro Wyżej Niebieska

* every Wednesday at 8:45 p.m. – 10:00 p.m. – OPEN group

Zouk’s roots can be found in the sunny Caribbean islands of Martinique and Guadelupe.
Zouk is a dance of joy, sun and fun.
This dance is characterized by smooth movements, slowdowns, lots of turns, head and hair movements of the partners, bends and leans, close leading in the basic steps starting with hip movement. Beat is like a heartbeat. It is very sensual and requires partners to feel the rhythm and movement of their bodies.



Prowadzący: Junior Arto

  • Śr
  • 20:45 - 22:00
  • Sala Biała
  • Pt
  • 20:15 - 21:30
  • Sala Niebieska