AcroTribe: Basia Psiuk, Weronika Tyrpa

From childhood, they spent a lot of time developing sports. A few years ago they found AcroYoga, which became their main passion. Their previous experience in sports (gymnastics, ballet, acrobatics, karate, dance, yoga, pole dance, contact improvisation) allowed them to quickly expand the scope of their skills. Acro gives joy and fun by teaching cooperation and developing body awareness. As AcroTribe, they share their passion and support its development in Poland. They conduct regular classes in Krakow and regularly organize workshops with leading AY teachers from Poland and abroad.

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Agnieszka a graduate of theater studies at the Jagiellonian University, the State Secondary School of Fine Arts in Krakow and the Ballet School in Krakow. Participant of numerous dance workshops in Poland and abroad, as well as workshops for young dance managers organized by the Institute of Music and Dance in Warsaw. From Many years of experience in working with children, to whom she passes her passion, acquired skills and knowledge. Full of energy and commitment to each lesson, open to the dance initiatives of her students and mindful of the discipline. She worked, among others, at JDC International School of Performing Arts, Studio of Theater, Music and Dance, Waldorf School in Krakow and Cricoteka – Center for Documentation of the Art of Tadeusz Kantor. In 2013, she started working with Edward Rey and the Kontakt Studio. Space of Movement and Dance, and since 2014 she has been running the Children’s Dance Workshop, which is her original idea and proposition for all who are looking for unique movement activities created for children and by children. In 2015-2019, she worked at the Krakow Choreographic Center at the Nowa Huta Cultural Center.
He has been working at the Groteska Theater since 2019.

Cameroonian dancer and choreographer living in Krakow. My adventure with dance began in Cameroon where I was member of a dance group, with which I performed for many years. In Poland, I professionally started teaching Afro classes in 2009 in various dance schools in Krakow. During my career of dancer I had the opportunity to participate several times as instructor to well known in Europe festivals and workshops of Afro dance. I am a founding member of the dancing TND Group and the afro beat party Tropical Night.
Dance styles I teach are afro traditional dances like Bikutsi, Ndombolo, Bensikin and more. Also Afro urban dances as Coupe Decale, Afrobeat, Afro house, Azonto and more.

Alain Ndasi (Cameroon): Dance is in his blood! As a child, he learned to dance from his father and grandfather. He had his first performances in kindergarten. Currently, he performs with many Afro Dance groups, including in the group La Taniere du Lion. The African dance styles that Alain dances and teaches are: afro, couper dealer, ndombolo, kizomba, Koduro, bikutsi, forro, azonto.

Gerard Guyzo…


Harmony of Voice and Body / start: 19.10

Singer, actress, coach, educator. Actress of the Gardzienice Theater. She conducts theater and voice workshops as well as music and movement classes for children. He has a holistic approach to working with his voice, based on working with the body, emotions, from “Yoga Voice”, physical theater training, the method of K. Linklater, traditional and natural singing.

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Contemporary Dance and Movement Composition - 3-month course / start: 9.10, Dance Improvisation and Movement Theater

Born. in 1982, lives in Krakow. A movement actress, dancer, improviser, experienced instructor of contemporary dance, movement composition, dance improvisation, physical theater and stage movement. Creator of the InterArt Dance method (where she interweaves various fields of art). Hatha Yoga instructor. Occupational therapist (in training). Scholarship holder of the Alternative Dance Academy in Poznań. Qualified Instructor of Movement Improvisation and Body Symbolism (Institute of Dance and Movement Dynamics / Essen / r. Detlef Kappert). A graduate of PPSKAK in Kalisz in the field of contemporary dance. From 2008 to 2015, she was a dancer of the EST Experimental Dance Studio with Iwona Olszowska. From 2013 to 2015 she collaborated with the Barakah Theater. She co-creates video dance projects. She collaborates with the Kreissau Foundation, where hse conducts workshops for people with physical and intellectual disabilities.

Page on fb: Alicja Miszczor. Interart Dance Group
Dance video group:


W KONTAKCIE prowadzi: Contemporary Dance and Movement Composition - 3-month course / start: 9.10, Dance Improvisation and Movement Theater

Deep Grounding Yoga / New!, Vinyasa - dynamic yoga, Yoga Open

She started practicing yoga in 2010 in Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. She deepens her yoga knowledge by participating in numerous workshops conducted by Polish and foreign teachers, incl. in Moldova, Germany and India. She received teacher certificates 200 and 300 RYS in the cradle of yoga – Rishikeshu (India). From 2016, a member of Yoga Alliance International.

W KONTAKCIE prowadzi: Deep Grounding Yoga / New!, Vinyasa - dynamic yoga, Yoga Open

Yoga Workout

Artem Nakonechnyi was educated at various yoga schools in Ukraine (including Balance Yoga). Long-time yoga teacher in Ukraine and Poland. He has also conducted workshops at various festivals, such as: AVATAR, Vedalife, Etno drum, etc. He approaches asanas from the point of view of therapy and biomechanics and the correct construction of sequences based on the work of agonistic and antagonistic muscles.

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The Basics of Contact-Improvisation

W KONTAKCIE prowadzi: The Basics of Contact-Improvisation

Dancer and painter. A graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow.
Participant of the 10th Academy at Gardzienice Theater, and many other dance and theater workshops and trainings.
A lover of music and travel, the founder of the Kontakt Dance Space.
In 2000 I discovered tango and since then he has been experiencing movement, dance, theater and music. He has a great weakness for pair dancing, dance theater, dance improvisation, music and singing.

“I like to look for bridges between different techniques and, above all, feel how dance and music can connect and inspire people”.

About me: Yoga appeared in my life at the most appropriate moment. In 2010, I hit the mat, and that’s when my path to myself through body contact began. Over two years later, I took a teacher training course in Krakow using the Iyengar method, during which I acquired many practical skills – incl. finding structure, applying aids in practice, accuracy and precision in asana, seeking symmetry, pranayama techniques. The training and stay in India has opened my heart and body to the softness, gentleness, flow and joy of practice. I completed the Yoga Alliance RYT200 course in Dharamsala, India. On my path, I get to know and combine various practices – breathing, singing, massage, dance, while one of the closer paths, naturally accompanying from childhood, is contact with nature, with which I feel a deep connection and I spend most of my free time in its surroundings, looking for my places of power even in the urban jungles. In my classes, I am mainly guided by my intuition. I do not follow a program or pattern, feeling the group I am following what appears. Therefore, yoga classes often just “flow” while maintaining the yogic structure of the lessons. In life, one of the 7 principles of Huna is particularly close to me: Mana – all power comes from within.

A Cameroon-based dancer who is a self-taught and visual artist. Since his youth, he has been painting and practicing several types of African dances. Of all the arts they practice, dance stands out. For years he has been running Afro dance classes and workshops. He is a co-founder of the TND dance group and the Tropical Night afro beat event.

Lindy Hop / start: October

Dancer, photographer, craftswoman. Swing dance instructor. From the moment she encountered Lindy Hop on her way, this dance became one of the determinants of her directions for Gosia. She visited many swing communities in Europe, discovering the richness of cultures, learning, sharing experience and getting involved in organizing festivals. For many years she has been associated with the Herräng Dance Camp in Sweden, where, apart from lounging on the green grass and gazing at the Scandinavian sky;), she improves her dancing and instructor skills and draws inspiration from teachers and dancers from all over the world. However, she always returns with great joy to the Krakow swing family, where she currently conducts Lindy Hop, Solo Jazz and switching classes (smooth change of roles in dance). She also sows the seeds of the swing in her home city of Lublin. Gosia sees the greatest beauty of swing dances in the freedom they remind of and the loud laughter they bring out from the dancing people. That is why you can often meet her with a camera in her hand, as a “catcher” of dance floor emotions. Always looking for a balance between joyful expression to which the swing invites, mindfulness and meditation in dance, Gosia also practices GaGa and Choreotherapy.

W KONTAKCIE prowadzi: Lindy Hop / start: October

He has been working on the subject of mobility of hands, spine, hips and shoulders for many years, and has helped many people improve their posture, agility, mobility and master various handstand techniques.

BMC HEART MEDITATION / BODY MIND HEART CENTERING and GATHERING / Summer break, Body awareness based on the BMC method

Dancer, choreographer, teacher of contemporary dance, body awareness, contact improvisation and improvisation as a performance; Somatic Movement Educator according to the Body Mind Centering method. Artistic director of the EST Experimental Dance Studio since 1989. Currently, EST implements structural improvisation, lecture performance and site specific projects. Creates the Dance Area at the BARAKAH Theater. Currently She teaches at Hurtownia Ruchu and in CONTACT. Space of Movement and Dance in Krakow and during instructor courses, extramural studies at the Academy of Music in Łódź, dance workshops and improvisation contact festivals in Poland and abroad (Ukraine, England, Russia, Moldova, Germany, Italy, Portugal). For 8 years She taught at the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Krakow. She gained dance experience in dance centers in New York and as a free student at George Mason Universities in Washington, Alabama and Calgary, workshops organized by the Silesian Dance Theater, Cultural Animation Center and dance festivals in Poland. She creates original performances, solo choreographies for the EST team, as well as Polish Dance Theater, Teatr Rozmaitości, Teatr Stary, Teatr im. J. Słowacki in Krakow. She conducted coaching sessions ended with shows, incl. Pan European Art. Laboratory at Villa Decius, several times Falling After Paxton in Toruń, Łódź, Białystok and Wrocław. As a dancer she dances solo and with EST, recently also in alternative spaces; structural improvisations i.e. lecture performances: Heart zRozum, Bones Mind Moving- Moving Bones Mind, Falling after Paxton from EST / Hurtownia Ruchu, and specific site: Crying Chairs – from EST to Plac Boh. Getta, Tram called following, Autoshow, Dziwne Nie_pokoje and with Jacek Owczarek project And we will dance together. She took part in projects with Pracownia Fizyczna Zdarzenia and in the exhibition at MS2 in Łódź. Come, we will show you what we do, with Renata Piotrowska Unknown, with Marta Pietruszka and Andrzej Sadowski B&B, with Marcin Janus, with Magda Przybysz Core zRozum and in international projects with Liz Lerman Dance Exchange, Closeness with Risa Jaroslow, Aurora with Maida Withers, Ocean Miasta with Pierre Deloche, Just say it with Michael Schumacher, Samples project Polish – Romanian with EST. She has danced in the USA, Canada, Finland, Russia, England, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Austria, Portugal, Israel, the Czech Republic, Moldova, Italy and Ukraine. She received awards for choreographies and for consistent continuation of her own creative path, stage personality and a scholarship from the Batory ArtsLink Foundation in New York.

W KONTAKCIE prowadzi: BMC HEART MEDITATION / BODY MIND HEART CENTERING and GATHERING / Summer break, Body awareness based on the BMC method

Acrobatics - Elements: freerun, breakdance, capoeira., FlowArts: Circus and Fireshow. Juggling, poi, stick.

Actor and juggler with a passionate love of dance. He started his sports “career” 20 years ago with martial arts training, went through yoga, parkour, gymnastics, acrobatics and the list of his achievements and movement “sneaks” is still growing impressively. Currently, Janek is practicing a mix of techniques, contact improvisation, contemporary, breakdance, capoeira for Fireshow’s performances. In Krakow, he is active in sports and theater circles. It develops under the patronage of AcroProFit and Manufaktura Artystyczna Pi-Art. Additionally, he co-creates the Krakowski Parkour Association and supports various sports and street art environments. A freelance and wild spirit for whom travel and adventure are as important as the destination they lead to. It works wherever you catch your breath: on the street and in the gym, at a dance party and in the gym, in your own living room and in the wilds of the mountains. He trains in a storm, swims at night, wanders around ruins and bathes in ice holes.
“Be strong to be useful.” – Georges Hérbert, Methode Naturalle

W KONTAKCIE prowadzi: Acrobatics - Elements: freerun, breakdance, capoeira., FlowArts: Circus and Fireshow. Juggling, poi, stick.

Joanna loves contact in dance (and dancing in contact), listening to the wisdom of the body. She draws strength from being in nature, spent many days and nights of the last year in the wild Spanish valley and on Polish meadow. She dances, improvises – with movement, voice, life. 😉 She is attracted to connecting worlds, she is fascinated by the processes of creating a community. She loves traditional songs, discovering the secrets of the human body, myths and the other side of fairy tales. She has been dancing for 20 years. About 7 years ago, she discovered the power of the conscious, organic movement, the power of improvisation and the contact of improvisation – from this one so far nothing has been the same, and everything has become … this! 😉 She is constantly expanding her workshop, taking part in classes of various dance forms, methods of working with the body (including the Feldenkrais Method, Movement Authentic, Body Mind Centering, Gaga), contact improvisation workshops in Poland and abroad. In 2017-2018, she was associated with the Wrocław performative group protoBody, created by dancers, seniors, people with reduced mobility and visually impaired people. She looks for ways to open the world of dance and body awareness also to those who are afraid to look into this world – believing that conscious movement is a good from which we can all derive – regardless of fitness, experience with movement or blockages in the head and other parts us. 🙂 Currently in the processes of: – constant delight; – certification as Somatic Movement Educator according to the Body Mind Centering method (BMC Certification Program, Movimiento Atlas, Zaragoza, Spain). In passing, a psychology graduate. She is lucky to meet wonderful teachers along the way. The most important of them are: Emma Bonnici (work with voice, group process), Iwona Olszowska (BMC, improvisation), Marta Grabowska and Ewa Świtoń (Contact Improvisation), Walburga Glatz (BMC), Paulina Stróż (Joga Iyengar) and Eckhart Tolle.

For me, Yoga is harmony, freedom, the joy of discovering myself and the world, a source of energy and inexhaustible joy, it is an endless adventure.
Yoga has been with me for 15 years, although I still consider myself a beginner yogi.
As an instructor, I pay special attention to breathing and to the technique and accuracy of the practice. Sharing a method that I love and believe in gives me great joy.

Julia Zawistowicz – Passista G.R.E.S.E. Império da Tijuca

@zavistula has been associated with dance since she was 10. Her childhood dancing adventure started with hip-hop and contemporary dance, but later she trained various dance styles, ranging from belly and afro dancing, through reggaeton and dancehall, to Cuban salsa and Brazilian samba. Joyful samba no pé turned out to be her greatest passion, in which she trained under the supervision of choreographers in Rio de Janeiro itself 🇧🇷 (including Alex Coutinho, Jorge Amarelloh, Anderson Dionisio, Gabriel Castro, Mayara Santos, Mayara Lima and Kellyn Dew)

During her classes, Julia always tries to infect all participants with a smile, convey a lot of positive energy and instill in them a love of dance, because according to her, it is the fullest form of expression and the best way to express yourself ✨

Forró (brazilian dance), Zouk (brazilian dance)

Junior Arto is a Brazilian dancer, musician and a dance teacher.

He gained and honed his experience dancing in the streets and carnivals of Brazil, as well as in regional and international dance workshops around the world, where he has been learning from Brazilian dance masters.

Junior is experienced in all Brazilian folk dances, such as Forró, Samba, Zouk, Coco and Ciranda. He has been a teacher at many Brazilian dance schools, workshops and other social events for more than 5 years. Currently he is sharing his dance experience, Brazilian sensitivity, musicality and sense of rhythm with students at Przestrzeń Ruchu i Tańca Kontakt (or ‘with our students.’)

W KONTAKCIE prowadzi: Forró (brazilian dance), Zouk (brazilian dance)

Lindy Hop / start: October

Since the end of 2013, Karina has been intensively involved in the world of swing, first as a student and dancer, now as a passionate instructor. For several years, she has been conducting regular classes in Krakow, and has been teaching in Katowice for a year. She belongs to the first jazz choreographic group Jazzy Pearls in Poland. She systematically teaches throughout Poland, among others Warsaw, Poznań, Wrocław, Gdańsk and ect. She regularly goes to foreign festivals, where she improves her dance technique, learns from the world’s best instructors, conducts workshops and takes part in competitions. In 2018 she joined the first ever modern European swing choreographic group HDC Daily Meeting Chorus Line. Since the beginning of 2020, she has been implementing and developing her original project Kick “Swing. Designs Kick dance shoes” Swing Dance Shoes. From December 2018, she plays at the Teatr im. Adam Mickiewicz in Częstochowa in the play “They Shoot Horses, Don’t They?”

W KONTAKCIE prowadzi: Lindy Hop / start: October

Personal development trainer with an integral approach. Both professionally and in my personal life, I explore and use various methods of working with the body, mind and spirit. I lead people through transformation and assist them on the way to live with passion, joy, harmony and power. I support through training, workshops, coaching and mentoring, as well as teaching meditation or conducting regular movement classes.
Two years ago, I included the traditional Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Nui massage in my work – the unusual spirit of this practice is very close to my heart and I am happy to carry its gifts further, soothing the bodies and souls of my clients.
I am a mover by nature and passion. Sport and body work have always been on my way. In my youth I trained in running, swimming and karate kyokushin for 8 years. A more conscious approach to the body began 16 years ago, when I started my adventure with yoga and then with meditation. 
Soon after, the first experiences with choreotherapy joined. I have always loved to dance, but this passion has fully developed in the last 5 years. During this time, I delved into improvisation, body awareness, spontaneous dance and contact improvisation (it was love at first contact 😃). I have learned from many great teachers at workshops and festivals and freely experimenting and exploring the potential of my body. I have been practicing Qi gong regularly for 4 years, I am delighted with it and thankful for what it gives me. The most recent, but very fruitful practice in this repertoire are Lowen’s bioenergy exercises or energy work per se, which I have also been using for several years.
I believe in diversity, synergy and integrity, both in the development of our entire being and in the very area of ​​the body and movement. I believe in the intelligence and intuition of our bodies.
I believe the body is the gateway to our vital energy, to our presence, to our grounding and centering. I believe the body is a source of pleasure, joy and power. I believe that conscious work with the body hides wonderful gifts, at your fingertips.
So let’s go dance, move and wake up our bodies

Feel Your Body / Classes temporarily suspended

Kasia has been dancing since the age of 10, she graduated from an instructor study of jazz dance under the patronage of the Kielce Dance Theater. She has been working as an instructor since 2008, teaching young people and adults, arranging choreographies for performances. For years, she has been training at workshops in Poland (Kielce Dance Theater, Krakow Dance Theater) and abroad (Tanzfabrik, Marameo Berlin, IALS Rome). She danced in the main line-up of the play “Lily”. She created stage openings for the conference “Zone Zero”. She has collaborated with the Teatr Sztuki, Archetti Orchestra, and Teatr A. She conducts JONA workshops for women. In her classes, she combines technique with creative freedom, all to feel better in her own body.

“For me, dance is a space where I am closest to myself. It opens horizons, integrates, awakens creativity, brings out beauty and lets you fly… ”Kasia

W KONTAKCIE prowadzi: Feel Your Body / Classes temporarily suspended

Butoh dancer, choreographer, aikidoka. In 1987 he began training Aikido, and since 2003 he has been teaching with regular classes. He currently holds a master’s degree in 4 dan. He is the founder and teacher of the Krakow Aikido Kobayashi Hirokazu Academy. In 1999 he began studying Japanese Butoh dance. He took lessons from: Daisuke Yoshimoto, Itto Morita, Atsushi Takenouchi, Imre Thormann, Kan Katsura, Minako Seki, Yuri Nagaoka. He has several solo performances: “Honest?” (2002), “Beyond” (2005), “Straw-butoh” (2009), “Dividing (2019),” Words, words, words … . “(2019),” Hana na michi “(2020). In 2004 he ran a year-long project called “Integration in dance therapy”, in which deaf people also participated – for the participants, he wrote and directed the performance “Flowers on the pavement”. In the years 2005-2011 he collaborated many times with independent artists: musicians, actors, dancers, filmmakers, co-creating stage and film presentations. In 2008, together with the Do-Teatr group, he co-created the show “Aite” (choreography and dance). He regularly conducts workshops in several cities in Poland.

Personal trainer, choreographer, dancer, one of the first street dancers in Krakow. Started his adventure with dance in 1994. He gained experience in many forms in Poland and abroad over the years, since 2006 associated with the fitness industry, specializing in body control. A trainer of psychomotorics, dance and partner acrobatics, stretching and bodybuilding, he uses 12 dance forms such as break dance, poping, locking, waveing, dancehall, hip hop, pole dance, and dance acrobatics. Since 2008, he has been developing new training systems related to psychomotorics and dance. Since 2009, he has also been associated with theaters as a stage movement choreographer and personal trainer in preparation for performances. He collaborates with such theaters as the Ludowy and Bagatela Theater in Krakow He is a person for whom the movement is very important and strives for the personal development of himself and people associated with it. Since 2014, he has also been associated with Acro Yoga, and since 2015 he has been teaching classes, and since 2016 he has also been teaching Acro Duo.


I’m a Registered Hatha/Vinyasa Yoga Teacher (RYT200). I’ve completed a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training Program in the International School of Yoga & Movement in Kraków (acknowledged by Yoga Alliance). I’ve been developing my practice and trying various yoga styles for a few years, but it is Vinyasa that I’m in love with. Smooth, easy movement and graceful transitions between asanas in sync with the breath are the things that I pay the most attention to during my classes. My focus is not on the goal, but on the way itself.
Join the class and find joy in the movement! 🖤

Jestem certyfikowaną nauczycielką Hatha/Vinyasa Jogi (Yoga Alliance RYT200), ukończyłam 200-godzinny kurs nauczycielski w Międzynarodowej Szkole Jogi i Ruchu 5 Elements w Krakowie. Od kilku lat rozwijam swoją praktykę i próbuję różnych nurtów jogi, jednak to Vinyasa rozkochała mnie w sobie najbardziej. Lekkość ruchu ciała, płynne przejścia pomiędzy asanami i synchronizacja z oddechem to rzeczy, na które zwracam największą uwagę podczas zajęć. Nie skupiam się na celu, ważniejsza (i bardziej satysfakcjonująca!) jest dla mnie sama droga.
Odkryj ze mną, jak wielką radość można czerpać z jogi! 🖤

– a teacher of contemporary dance, dance improvisation, performative and body practices for children and adults
-co-organizer of the children’s dance school “Cheloveki” based in Kiev
-organizer of various interdisciplinary laboratories, combining dance with various forms of art, such as drawing, architecture, sculpture, literature, music, etc.
– organizer of summer dance schools for children and educational dance projects for adults
-dancer, performer

A graduate of culture and media management at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow and the Two-Year Instructor Qualification Course in the field of contemporary dance.
For over 10 years, she has been conducting regular contemporary dance lessons at many levels for adults, and for several years she has also been teaching young people and children. She regularly develops her teaching and dance workshop by participating in numerous movement workshops conducted by professional teachers from Poland and abroad. She works at the Krakow Choreographic Center, combining artistic and organizational work. She programs and coordinates many events in the field of contemporary dance (including workshops, performances, residencies, festivals, competitions, photo exhibitions, film screenings, non-stage performances, lectures). She collaborates with the Institute of Music and Dance as the local coordinator of the Polish Dance Network project. Monika is a dancer who has performed in many stage and extra-stage performances, and for 2 years she has been preparing her own choreographic productions on a larger scale, realizing her artistic potential solo and collectively with other dance, music and media artists.

A graduate of the General Ballet School of Roman Turczynowicz in Warsaw. She has participated in many workshops in Poland and abroad. She is interested in sports psychology and physiotherapy. Currently, she conducts artistic gymnastics training for the young generation and dance classes for children and adults. She also works as a choreographer creating performances combining dance with fire.

Meetings with massage

For 4 years, Rafał Kałuzieński has been conducting regular, unique in Poland, body work classes according to his original method “Massage sessions”. Works with the body using movement, touch, voice – both therapeutically and developmentally. He uses the tools of yoga, acroyogi, contemporary dance, contact improvisation, traditional songs and intuitive singing. Masseur, massage teacher, organizer of developmental trips with yoga and massage. Teacher of meditation techniques.

W KONTAKCIE prowadzi: Meetings with massage

Renata has been dancing since she was a child. She started her dance journey with ballroom dances. Then it was time for contemporary dance, jazz, hip hop, and afro beat. She discovered Forró by accident. And as she says it was her destiny. It was for Forró that she went to Lisbon for a year. There she learned to dance in many dance schools, participated in numerous Forró festivals and workshops. Already in Lisbon, she began to conduct classes and organize demonstration lessons. She spent the last months in Brazil, expanding her dance workshop with various Forró styles. As she says: Forró is not only dancing for me, it is endless layers of good music that I love to search for. Forró is also history, culture of the north-eastern part of Brazil, about which the songs tell. Forró is the feeling of joy that comes from dancing with another person, when the whole world disappears and only dance and music counts. In Kontakt, she has been conducting classes for the last few years, she has conducted workshops in various cities in Poland and Belarus.

Meetings with Voice / * Classes with Sabina will return in the form of weekend courses.

Sabina sings, plays, performs, composes. She had formal music education behind her in the form of a first-level music school and many workshops and meetings with individual teachers. Her way of getting to know her voice began when she was 13 years old under the supervision of a soloist of the Poznań opera house. Over the following years, she discovered the space of the theater hall at the Gdańsk Artistic School, jazz and funk in the Native ensemble and the Krakow School of Jazz and Popular Music. In 2015, she plunged into traditional, theatrical and improvised music. She co-created the Banda Furora project, was a student at the Gardzienice Academy of Theater Practices, and collaborates with the Italian-South American Teatro Simurgh. She conducts vocal workshops, takes part in music and theater projects in Poland and beyond.

W KONTAKCIE prowadzi: Meetings with Voice / * Classes with Sabina will return in the form of weekend courses.

Associated with the movement since childhood. Many years of experience in the acrobatic and dance team, athletics, nine years of yoga practice instilled a constant need for physical activity and taught to find joy in it. The only certified AcroYoga level 2 teacher in Poland. Develops body awareness through contemporary dance, contact improvisation, physical dance, GAGA, animal flow. The possibility of combining acrobatic experiences with yoga and dance fascinated him absolutely. Delighted with the moment when the lines of these forms of movement have the opportunity to meet. In Krakow, he conducts regular Classes with AcroYogi at all levels. Organizer of jams, workshops, artistic projects and acrojog trips such as AcroFever, Polish Acro Convention and AcroYoga Boat Cruise.

Wassim was Born in Damascus, Syria in 1978. In 1998, he completed his first studies as a civil engineer and over the next seven years he was involved in numerous projects in Syria. He began his musical adventure at the age of six, playing the flute and Oud. In the years 1990-1996 he began learning to play the instrument – Oud, with the teacher Fayez Zahe Aldin. Then he began studies in the field of Harmony and Counterpoint, conducted by Prof. Bella Tagezieva. 2005 marks the beginning of an academic career at the High Institute of Music in Damascus. He graduated in 2010, cooperating with many lecturers. His education was conducted by professors of Russian origin, and his composition was lectured by Prof. Serge Kopperanov, theory – Prof. Bella Tagezieva, conducting – Prof. Victor Babenko and Mr Missak Baghboudarian; conductor of the Syrian Symphony Orchestra. Subsequently, Wassim Ibrahim obtained a master’s degree in composition studies at the Academy of Music in Krakow, Poland, under the supervision of Prof. Józef Rychlik in 2015. He obtained a doctoral degree in musical composition at the Academy of Music in Krakow, major in composition, working with Prof. Wojciech Widłak.
Composer, conductor, teacher…

More information about Wassim can be found here:

Massage and Movemen Meetings / Summer break

I am Weronika, I love to share and communicate with people, and doing it through massages and movement meetings is a great pleasure for me. To let go, be here and now, and just have the courage to trust. As life is a precious gift for me, taking care of each other during our meeting will be a priority for me. I do acrojoga, traditional Thai massage and rhythmic massage, but our meetings will be full of inspiration from various areas of movement, body work and play. I’m waiting for you! 🙂

Weronika Tyrpa – massage is her way of meditation in motion. In his therapeutic work, he values ​​delicacy and intuition as well as being here and now. She is fascinated by psychosomatics and the relationship of the body, soul and psyche. Since 2016, she has been enriching her experience in Thai massage and lunar acroyoga. She started and continues the practice of traditional Thai massage “Nuad Bo Rarn” at Balazs Bali Nemeth from the Sunshine Network: Traditional Thai Yoga Massage and Ayurvedic Bodywork, where she has been assisting since 2018. In 2021, she graduated from a 2-year school of classical Western massage with elements of physiotherapy, and began learning Eurhythmia and Rhythmic Massage with Michaela Schnur.

W KONTAKCIE prowadzi: Massage and Movemen Meetings / Summer break

Multi-instrumentalist. A graduate of the Academy of Music in Krakow, Conservatorio di Verona and Universidade de Aveiro. She gives concerts in Poland and abroad – so far in several countries in Europe and Asia – as a soloist and member of symphony ensembles and orchestras. Co-founder of the band Organic Noises. In addition to performing music from the broadly understood classics, she specializes in playing on historical instruments (both baroque) and ethnic instruments from the Caucasus Southern (duduk, zurna, santur). Music is her soul’s prayer and a way of interacting with other creatures.

Meetings with an Actor Improvisation (course)

My name is Zofia Zoń. I graduated from the acting department of the Polish National Film, Television and Theater School in Łódź under the supervision of Janusz Gajos. I was associated with the Tarnowski Theater. I collaborated with the Polish Theater in Bydgoszcz and the Theater in Kalisz. I have appeared in films including with Jan Jakub Kolski, Magdalena Piekorz, and the Węgrzyn Brothers. I conducted acting monologue at the SPOT Acting School in Krakow and vocal classes at the Acting and Vocal School. For 5 years, she has been preparing candidates for acting departments. I am passionate about acting improvisation, which I constantly deepen and use in my work with people, as well as in my own professional and personal development. I am interested in holistic psychology, deepening my awareness through relaxation sessions, I like discovering new musical sounds, I enjoy natural movement, and most of all I am fascinated by the observation of people. I draw inspiration for my work from books, movies, music, conversations and travels.

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