Afro Dance

7:30 p.m. – 8:45 p.m. – Afrobeat / Azonto / Bikutsi
Thursday, 7:30 p.m. – 8:45 p.m. – Azonto / AfroBeat

Afro Dance is a mixture of various dance styles, traditional and contemporary, from many African countries. Afro Dance classes are not only dance, not only steps and technique, but also, or above all, good fun, positive energy and laughter and a lot of calories burned.
The course consists of both technical and practical lessons. We learn steps and then weave them into entire choreographic patterns.
African dance styles that we learn in class range from traditional ones such as ndombolo, bikutsi, to more modern and popular ones such as azonto, couper decale and many others.

Description of some of the styles of African dance:
Azonto – dance and musical style originated in the streets of Ghana. Currently, it breaks records of popularity at dance events in Africa and the world. The dance is fast, joyful, energetic and the music is warm, fun and positive. Azonto allows you to convey emotions and tell a story with the steps, gestures and facial expressions characteristic of this style. The steps or movements are based on the activities we do in our daily life, such as eating, washing, driving, swimming, boxing, etc. The most important thing is a sense of rhythm, sense of humor and creativity.

Ndombolo – a popular fast-paced variety of soukous – a dance and musical style that is taking shape in the Congo, as a response to the Cuban rumba. Nowadays, ndombolo is also influenced by Caribbean music. The main characteristic of this dance is the fast work of the hips.

Bikutsi – traditional music style and dance from Cameroon. Its name literally means “let’s hit the ground”, which refers to the tread of feet while dancing at a rather intense pace. A style popular at local social events.

Coupe decale – dance and music originating from the Ivory Coast, but also created in Paris. The music is inspired by various influences from other popular styles such as Congolese soukous or zouglou also from WKS. The dance has a very frivolous and rhythmic form. Rather simple steps are combined with dynamic and very rhythmic body movements, mainly the feet, hands and above all the hips. This style is all about playing with rhythm.

Afro House – music and street dance style created in the late 90’s in South Africa. Nowadays, afro house is very popular all over Africa and beyond. It is a combination of African rhythms and American house. The style is perfect for individualists and people with a creative soul. It requires ingenuity and creativity in creating movements from the dancer. Some steps have specific names and are dedicated to specific pieces of music. Others, in turn, arise spontaneously. This dance is fast, lively and requires good physical condition.

Instructors: Alain Nca & Gerard (from Cameroon)


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During these classes we accept Contact Passes, one-time entry in the amount of PLN 40, Multi Sport Plus and Medicover cards (with an additional fee of PLN 10) // Price list