Contact with Voice / SUMMER BREAK


For all those who want to feel freedom, pleasure, confidence and creative inventiveness in singing.
Classes help to free the voice, develop its sonic abilities and influence, and increase awareness of your body.

We start with breathing, emission and movement exercises, allowing the opening of the vocal canal and deep relaxation of the body, reducing tension.

Then we smoothly move to using our voice in practice, we sing in a vocal group or solo.

Classes have an open formula. We invite both beginners and those who already singing to participate in this vocal adventure

WHEN? – Wednesdays, 7:30 pm – 20:45 pm
(after 20:30 the classes are loosely put into practice, you can stay and continue your vocal and dance research) 🙂

Edward Rey 

During these classes we accept Kontakt Passes, one-time entry in the amount of PLN 40, Multi Sport Plus and Medicover cards (with an additional fee of PLN 10 for Multi Sport and Medicover cards) // Price list