Holiday AcroYoga with Tomasz (intermediate) / summer Thursdays

AcroYoga with Tomek gr. intermediate

Classes mainly devoted to the solar side of AcroYogi run in the form of a course (discounts according to Contact passes), but you can successfully participate in a single meeting. The topic is announced before the class, so if you want to polish up this and that, there will surely be more than one occasion 😉
Each meeting will be devoted to a different topic. We’ll start by establishing acro basics such as stable side old, old, reverse old, shoulderstand, foot to handy, standing versus balance. We will learn how to make them “rock solid”!
Of course, there will be handstand – the king of acrobatic positions! Alignment, elongation and body positioning, appropriate and comprehensive muscle tension and the search for balance are aspects that we will devote a lot of attention to. We will use the stable and controlled foundations to put in motion the learned AcroYog ABCs, learning how to move smoothly and effectively between positions.
Later, it’s pure poetry… 🙂 Washing machines, whips, smooth, slightly dancing sequences, work with breath and natural, unforced mobility of the body. With the growth of his awareness as well as strength and courage, we will take flights a level higher, to standing acro! : The most difficult step will definitely be the h2h block. But we will also break down these difficult acrobatics into prime factors, waiting for the effects of our efforts without rushing.

Before the classes, there will be 15 minutes of warm-up with strengthening and stretching (middle room), which I strongly encourage you to do 😉
Due to the early hour, you can join the classes until 17:00;)
The fun will be great, I have no doubts about it! 🙂
This extensive plan covers the entire season and provides a comprehensive journey through the full spectrum of AcroYog magic 🙂
Let’s discover our super powers together!

We exercise barefoot in a comfortable, non-slip outfit without pockets, zippers or buttons.

Do you have a question? Feel free to ask!

Instructor: Tomasz Pacan
Thursdays, 6:00 p.m.  – 7:30 p.m.

During these classes we accept Kontakt Passes, one-time entry in the amount of PLN 40, Multi Sport Plus and Medicover cards (with an additional fee of PLN 10 for Multi Sport and Medicover cards) // p