„There is the magic of the city accumulated in the rooms of Kontakt. If only you have a bit of magic in your soul, you will feel home here”. (Magdalena Wiktoria – Kontakt frequenter)

We invite you to our dance school which is located in the heart of Cracow, with a view of the Słowacki Theater; a space of unlimited imagination, where in a friendly atmosphere you will develop your dance and music talents, stay in shape and meet people who think and feel just like you.
Tango, salsa, belly dance, joga, vocal lessons, stretching, calisthenics, afro dance, improv acting and many more. The list of our classes is seriously long.
In our school, in addition to professionally conducted classes, numerous workshops, dance events, concerts, happenings and jam sessions, we give you space to freely express yourself, to improvise and search, we are open to everything that you will bring to us along with your sensitivity, with what you will inspire us. Just be with us and be yourself …
But those are just the words…

Kontakt cannot be described, you have to experience it.
Take off your shoes and join us!

Kontakt – warm, warmer, hooooot!


Kontakt. Przestrzeń is the place for you, your kids or even your grandma. This is no ordinary dance school, this is a place of pure love and meditative freedom. Put some zen in your bends and dance up some new friends Jazz, swing, African, contemporary, free dance…the list of classes, concerts and workshops is endless (and not just restricted to dancing!). Don’t be intimidated to visit, even if you’re a tourist here for only one day. Like we said – this is a place where everybody is welcome.

Aleksandra from Poland
That’s something! To see people with incredible enery, uninhibited joy and beautiful stories in dance! Kontakt is a stunning scene of impressions, which is worth experiencing in all its contexts.

Magda from Poland
Like in one big family! Positive energy, great initiatives and professionally conducted classes. I recommend Kontakt improvisation and afro dance.

Gabi from Poland
Most inspiring place in Kraków! Amazing people, great atmosphere!

Best place to spend time with lovely people, to have a tea or a ginger infusion. Or to dance. And practice yoga. Or just sit. Or walk barefoot on the wood flooring. Warm and peaceful and alive and positive.

Weronika S from Poland
Fantastic place, where you will find lovely, talented, kind, interesting, and beautiful people. A place to feel free, to enjoy music and the movement of existence…

Cecylia from Poland
An inspiring, creative place full of life and passion. I recommend it!

Magdalena from Poland
Magical place to dance, sing, talk, listen, have fun, relax or just be yourself.

Irka from Poland
Charismatic place, ideal to experience different styles and techniques of bodywork, relax and just spend a good time

Avtondril from Bosnia And Herzegovina
A Place such unique like this, is the only One in Cracow!

Sylwia from Poland
The best! Like home

Marcin from Poland
I came, I saw, I danced, I’ll be back!

Yola from Poland
I love to be in Kontakt!!!! :))))

Ela from Poland
Be careful! Going to Kontakt is just addictive!!!