Choir in Kontakt gr. “B” (open)

All lovers of singing in a joyful, contact group are invited to co-create our Choir in Contact.

GR A (closed)
– Monday, 6:30 p.m. – 7:45 p.m.
– Wednesday, 5:30 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. 

GR B (open)
– Monday, 5:00 p.m. – 6:30 p.m.
– Thursday, 7:45 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. 

… You don’t have to be musicians to join us. If you like to sing and you are not afraid to make your voice heard – not only in the shower – our choir is the right place for you.
We sing everything – from folk to classics and – as befits a multicultural choir – in many languages ​​(recently we counted 9 of them!) We practice laboriously, we give concerts, but also, and above all, we are friends with each other – this is our contact Choir. 🙂
Singing with delight, soul and heart, we invite you to our Choir Family.

* for group A, it is more important to warm up than to practice the repertoire, so Wassim asks you not to be late. He also asks you to come to rehearsals and not “forest”, which will allow us to achieve good academic results. 😉

* group B will first of all prepare themselves in terms of voice and repertoire to join group A. Being late is obviously not recommended. 😉 Besides, you can go to group B less often, if someone cannot, but if someone attends at least 70% of the rehearsals, then he will sing during the concert! 🙂

Classes are conducted by Wassim Ibrahim: (

* Price list: PLN 160 / Kontakt tickets / OK system

*ATTENTION! The Multi Sport snd Medicover Card does not apply to these classes!

application:, 696 176 998

You can find news in the group on FB: Choir in Contact and on our Fanpage

About us:

The Choir in Contact, conducted by the Syrian musician and composer Wassim Ibrahim, appeared on the musical map of Krakow in the spring of 2015. From the very beginning, he was guided by the ideas of diversity and multiculturalism – both in relation to the presented repertoire and the composition of the people. The choir has become a meeting place for professional musicians and amateurs, older and younger people, performing various professions, devoting themselves to various non-musical passions, coming from closer and further corners of Europe and the world.
The Choir in Contact has performed many times in Krakow’s cultural and art institutions. The group performed, among others at the Goethe Institute, the Villa Decius Institute of Culture, the International Cultural Center, the Solvay Center for Contemporary Art, the Groteska Theater (including as part of the Cracow Orient Festival), the Forty Kleparz Club (during the “Musical sounds of multiculturalism” concert on the occasion of the 5th anniversary of the Program Open Krakow, with the participation of, among others, Aga Zaryan, Małgorzata Markowska and Paulina Kujawska), Wawel Royal Castle (as part of the “Alleluia of the World” concert organized by the Department of Social Policy and Health of the City of Krakow, alongside, among others, Katarzyna Oleś -Blachy and Jakub Oczkowski) and during academic events, such as the Arab Days of the Jagiellonian University and the Asian Studies Festival of the Jagiellonian University. It could be heard at open-air events organized by the City of Krakow, e.g. during the opening of Dietla Street in 2018 or the celebration of the District I holiday. Zoo.
The choristers also have charity concerts with a multicultural repertoire – the most important, worth mentioning, is the performance for Nura from Aleppo, organized by the Polish Medical Mission, during which they performed alongside Aga Zaryan and Grzegorz Turnau. In October 2018, they sang for the University Children’s Hospital patients and their carers. In 2019, together with the “Dar Jonasza” Foundation, they performed at the Groteska Theater as part of a concert – a collection for oncological children, little heroes fighting for their lives.
In June 2020, the Choir in Contact was awarded the title of the Ambassador of Multiculturalism A. D. 2019 as part of the Open Krakow Program.
The choir also sang abroad. In Montresor, France, in the summer of 2017 and in the summer of 2021 in Greece, where several concerts took place (including in Damouchari). In addition to guest performances, you can regularly hear him in a permanent meeting and rehearsal place, i.e. in Contact. The Space of Movement, Dance and Music at Szpitalna Street in Krakow.
The repertoire of the Choir in Kontakt includes works by great composers – Bach or Mozart, Renaissance and film music as well as traditional melodies from all over the world. The choir draws from the richness of oriental music, but among the pieces it performs there are compositions from Africa, America and the Far East. His concerts take listeners on a musical journey around the world, bring the foreign closer and open their eyes to the unknown.
WHO? Wassim Ibrahim ( and the Choir in Contact
WHERE? Contact. Space of Movement, Dance and Music, ul. Szpitalna 40, Krakow