Samba No Pe / start: September 5

Samba is one of the most beautiful treasures of Brazil. ⠀
This spectacular and vibrant dance, thrilling rhythm and phenomenal carnival costumes of the dancers have stolen the hearts of millions of people around the world!
There is a widespread belief that Samba cannot be learned … because you really have to fall in love with Samba!
Because Samba is an element, it is energy and joy!
This is by far the most dynamic dance style! During training, the maximum oxygen load is reached and virtually all muscle groups are activated. Samba improves our condition but also develops our flexibility and flexibility
During the course you will learn the Samba No Pé basic step technique and master the rhythmic work of the hips. You will learn how to avoid the most common technical mistakes and how to improve your posture, but most of all you will gain self-confidence and feel the joy of this unique dance!
Let us be carried away by cheerful music and amazing energy emanating from this wild element

* We accept Kontakt Passes, one-time entry,  MultiSport + and Medicover cards.