What's going on in Kontakt?

INDIAN RHYTHM WORKSHOP – Rashmi V. Bhatt // ☆ DEEP SELF-HEALING VOICE WORKSHOP – Weronika Mietelska / Thursday, June 8 (Corpus Christi)

☆ INDIAN RHYTHM WORKSHOP – Rashmi V. Bhatt A workshop of rhythms in Indian culture (both classical and folk) with the world-famous tablist from India and the ways of their fusion with European music. During the workshop, you will learn briefly about the history of Indian music and the aesthetics of patterns such as raga […]

Miesięczny Warsztat Rozwojowy w Oparciu o Improwizacje Aktorskie – Zofia Zoń / 9.06

Jeżeli brakuje ci zajęć, które pobudziłyby wyobraźnię… Jeżeli chcesz uzewnętrznić swoją skrywaną ekspresję… Jeżeli chcesz spędzić fantastycznie piątkowe wieczory… TO…👇 Zapraszam na miesięczny WARSZTAT ROZWOJOWYW OPARCIU O IMPROWIZACJE AKTORSKIE w przepięknej, unikatowej na mapie Krakowa przestrzeni Kontaktu💕 W PROGRAMIE: – trening komunikacji (przełamywanie barier w kontakcie z innymi, współpraca zespołowa, integracja, angażowanie obrazów zmysłowych w […]

SONG LABORATORY – song workshops dedicated to women and concert – (Alina Jurczyszyn) Aja Piesionka, Kamila Bigus / 10-11.06

⦁ SONG LABORATORY WORKSHOPS – singing workshops dedicated to women “This is the time, the time,” says the famous icaro of Rosy Giove. This time, this time to open up on your authenticity, your sensitivity in your voice, in your singing, in your breath. Find and meet what is most precious, what is most delicate […]

Contact Improvisation – Holding each other and unfolding vulnerability – Alon Ritter/ JUNE 17-18

Contact Improvisation – Holding each other and unfolding vulnerability This weekend workshop is an invitation to explore one of the key features of contact improvisation, which is the practice of holding and being held by others. The intimate potential of this practice is very impactful, especially in terms of regulating our nervous system. When we […]

TRADITIONAL THAI MASSAGE COURSE with Khru Thang and Khun Hemmawan

The course includes 64 training hours and is conducted in Krakow in the “full weekend every two weeks” system. The next meeting dates (in the same hours, i.e. 9:00-19:30) are: * May 27-28 at Salsa House (ul. Mogilska 70, Kraków) * 10-11.06 again at Salsa House * 24-25.06 in Kontakt (Szpitalna 40, Kraków) This is […]

CONCERT OF ROMA SONGS – BERGITKA: “GYGY TALES – Teresa Mirga and Kałe Bała and workshops of Roma songs! / June 25

– Romani songs workshops – 3:00 p.m. (2.5 hours) – cost: PLN 60 / workshop registration: phortmanowicz@gmail.com ATTENTION! People who participated in vocal workshops will have the opportunity to sing with Teresa Mirga during the evening concert on our contact stage. 🙂 – Concert of Mrs. Teresa Mirgi with the band Kałe Bała: 7:00 p.m. […]

MEETING WITH VOICE AND SONG – Sabina Krauze / Monday 26.06

~WHAT CAN YOU EXPECT~ During the classes, we will spend time extracting sounds with pleasure and curiosity, finding out that we can use our voice in many ways – we will purr, sigh, vocalize, rhythmize, sing songs. We will use breathing and emission exercises, activities in the area of imagination and movement. We will learn […]

Wcześniej w Kontakcie

RELAXATION CONCERT “SOURCE OF SOUND” – Alina Jurczyszyn and Kamila Bigus from the SONG LABORATORY / 10.06, 8 p.m.

We will take you where the world has stopped. We will sing you songs from ancient spaces. We will lead you through field paths to the forest, where birds sing and trees tell amazing stories. We will sing to the river, to all the waters of this Earth. We will sing and play for life, […]

Dear Friends, this Tuesday (23.05) a replacement for Edzio in CONTACT AND DANCE IMPROVISATION classes will be led by Paweł Śliz 🐼

📣 🐼💪Meeting will be held under the slogan 👇 “Technique Contact Improvisation with Panda” 🐼 We will learn how – give weight – go down to the floor – move in the floor – fly – fall 🙂 We will focus on the technical aspects of contact, we will polish solid elements, which we will […]