Movement from feeling – a series of classes in a fixed group (closed group)

Course will start: 4.10 / 20 and 27 September we envite You for open classes / details soon

We cordially invite you to the third cycle of classes in a permanent group, the last one before the summer break – the Movement from Feeling course, Tuesdays, 6.00 p.m. – 8.00 p.m., from October 4 ( 8 meetings). We envite You also for open classes 20 and 27 September. 🙂

I invite you:
To take the first or subsequent steps in building deep, full acceptance of the relationship with the body – through the processes of soothing, gentle unblocking, expression and return to your own power,

To consciously pass through the body and transform the enormity of movements that we all experience, often forgetting to MOVE the body – so that it can contain all the streams of feelings, mind and soul :),

to a regular journey ‘from feeling to dancing’, which will create a space for deepening the practice with each subsequent meeting, saving well-being and new, enriching body-mind connections in the body

for meetings in a permanent group – drawing on the feeling of trust and openness growing with each subsequent workshop, with the possibility of sharing your experience in a circle at the end of each internship with the group of companions on this two-month journey

I will lead you with my voice so that you won’t even notice when you start to swim and dance

The road leads through:
deepening the awareness of the body
Conscious movement in harmony with the nature of the body (somatic education, organic movement)
free, intuitive dance, allowing to go beyond the well-known patterns
(co-) work with the body – attentive, soothing touch, supporting in in “recovering” the body and feeling and establishing authentic contact


We will guide our attention through the layers and structures of our body, using working with experimental anatomy as a way – to awaken movement in harmony with the nature of the body.

We will open ourselves to the pleasure that comes from such a movement, to the exploration of a new perspective of perceiving the body, processes taking place in it, including injuries and problems.

Through self-massage and gentle touch, we will learn how to trust our hands, how to give and receive such attentive touch, taking care of our limits. We allow ourselves to take advantage of the support that can be given to us by another person.

In silence, in music, in dance, which will be a natural development of conscious movement, we will open ourselves to the joy of contact, the power of experiencing together as a group
The pleasure that comes from free movement, from moving frozen areas of the body, from discovering new forms of movement.

By remaining aware of what is happening inside us, we will meet the other person. We will create flow and freedom in this meeting by deepening mindfulness but also using various methods and techniques, allowing us to notice, leave or fully use the pattern we usually fall into when dancing together.

We will learn the tools that will allow us to open up to new ways of establishing contact in dance, but most of all, together we will expand awareness around what happens to us during a meeting in motion.

By observing the relationship that develops between us, we will examine what presence in contact is for us, capturing the moments in which we really meet and those in which something blocks us from meeting here and now. We will look for attunement and flow together.

We move in silence and with music. At each meeting, there will be a space to share what we have experienced.

with mindfulness, with gentleness and respect for the body and its hidden needs, we will immerse ourselves in conscious, free movement – one that:
It will help to release the tension accumulated in the body
will open you to feeling pleasure
deeply relaxes, it will reduce the effects of everyday stress
will discover a new perspective on the perception of the body – his needs, injuries, problems
maybe both identify a problem and be a tool for solving it.

Classes are for you if you feel that:

You want to to get used to the dance, but you don’t want to repeat and remember steps
Would you like to enrich your dance workshop with a new one
the perspective of experiencing the body in motion
your body gives you signals that it needs attention (tensions in the body, fatigue, a sense of numbness, chronic and mysterious pain)
you want to get to know yourself better, take a gentle look at your relationship with your body, how you establish relationships with others 🙂
you want to spend time with other people in an atmosphere acceptance, freedom, awareness
You do not have experience with dancing and body work, but something to help you
pulls in this direction …

I believe that conscious movement is a resource from which we can draw from everyone – regardless of fitness, experience with movement, or blockages in the head and other parts of us

✨Come if you feel this call ✨ when you read this description
Important – you do not need to be a dancer or have experience in consciously working with the body. I am happy to invite people who “have never done such things” to my classes 😉
If you have them and you are immersed in this world not until today – also invite you. Each meeting with the body and feeling is another step to deepen this relationship, and
each group process carries its own unique power.

Contact. Space at Szpitalna 40 street, 2nd floor, oriental room
Tuesdays, 6 p.m. – 8.00 p.m.
The series begins on April 26, and the last classes will be held on June 14.

Forks: 470 PLN -570 PLN (as much as you can, how much you feel).
8 workshops will be held as part of the series. Feel free to sign up for the entire cycle.


The number of places is limited. When registering, the order of applications is decisive, ultimately the entry is confirmed by the payment of the deposit.
* The course does not include contact tickets, Multisport cards, Ok System cards.
If you have any questions about the classes, feel free to write to the above e-mail address 🙂

Joanna Książkiewicz
I love to listen to the wisdom of the body, to move, dance, connect. I draw strength from singing, dancing and contact with nature. It amazes me how the paths of our movement reveal and help to transform what is playing in our mind and soul. I love traditional songs, discovering the secrets of the human body, myths and the other side of a fairy tale.
A graduate of psychology, in 2017 she defended her master’s thesis “Body awareness and emotional intelligence in people practicing various forms of working with the body”.
My most important teachers are: Emma Bonnici (work with voice, group process), Iwona Olszowska (BMC), Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen (BMC), Marta Grabowska (Contact Improvisation), Paulina Stróż (Yoga Iyengar) and all those who participated in the conducted through me in workshops and shared their movement, word and feeling.
Bio-numbers and a few formalities in the subject;)
She has been dancing since the age of 7, and for 10 years she has been immersed in conscious work with the body. Graduate of psychology, student of the two-year process psychology study (Institute of Process Psychology). During the training in the Body Mind Centering method ((BMC Certification Program, Movimiento Atlas, Zaragoza). For 10 years he has been participating in training courses and workshops on various dance techniques, methods of working with the body and mind. Since 2018 he has been running his own free dance workshops and body work as well as regular classes in Krakow.