Joanna Książkiewicz

Joanna loves contact in dance (and dancing in contact), listening to the wisdom of the body. She draws strength from being in nature, spent many days and nights of the last year in the wild Spanish valley and on Polish meadow. She dances, improvises – with movement, voice, life. 😉 She is attracted to connecting worlds, she is fascinated by the processes of creating a community. She loves traditional songs, discovering the secrets of the human body, myths and the other side of fairy tales. She has been dancing for 20 years. About 7 years ago, she discovered the power of the conscious, organic movement, the power of improvisation and the contact of improvisation – from this one so far nothing has been the same, and everything has become … this! 😉 She is constantly expanding her workshop, taking part in classes of various dance forms, methods of working with the body (including the Feldenkrais Method, Movement Authentic, Body Mind Centering, Gaga), contact improvisation workshops in Poland and abroad. In 2017-2018, she was associated with the Wrocław performative group protoBody, created by dancers, seniors, people with reduced mobility and visually impaired people. She looks for ways to open the world of dance and body awareness also to those who are afraid to look into this world – believing that conscious movement is a good from which we can all derive – regardless of fitness, experience with movement or blockages in the head and other parts us. 🙂 Currently in the processes of: – constant delight; – certification as Somatic Movement Educator according to the Body Mind Centering method (BMC Certification Program, Movimiento Atlas, Zaragoza, Spain). In passing, a psychology graduate. She is lucky to meet wonderful teachers along the way. The most important of them are: Emma Bonnici (work with voice, group process), Iwona Olszowska (BMC, improvisation), Marta Grabowska and Ewa Świtoń (Contact Improvisation), Walburga Glatz (BMC), Paulina Stróż (Joga Iyengar) and Eckhart Tolle.