Dear friends, I can finally invite you to the wonderful workshops that I organize in (Kontact. Space of Movement and Dance)!

The workshop will consist of the following stages, complementing each other:
– Chinese tea ceremony Pin Cha,
– yoga asana practice with live handpan sounds.
– yoga nidra (meditation conducted with the sounds of Tibetan bowls).

Each stage of the workshop is equally important for practitioners to get to know themselves and the world. The individual parts complement each other – each successive one complements the previous one and helps to fully realize the potential of the next one.

Here is a short description of each step:
The Chinese Pin Cha tea ceremony consists of briefly brewing tea many times in a small amount of water, which allows you to gradually learn the taste and aroma of the tea and feel its slow impact on the body. This time we will brew black pu-erh – successively we will brew several types of pu-erh, older and younger. The peculiarity of this tea is the way it is made, which means that with time it does not lose its properties, but even acquires them. The main advantage of pu-erh tea is that it awakens energy and adds strength that we will need at the next stage of the workshop – during the practice of asanas.

It doesn’t make sense to talk about the tangible benefits of practicing asanas – health, balance, and other effects are visible and well known to all. However, the main goal of asana practice is to achieve a psychedelic effect – it’s about inner experiences, deep experiences that have not occurred before. It becomes possible thanks to the specific sequence of asanas and the great effort that is necessary to do what we previously could not do, going beyond the limits of the blockages in our heads. Of course, the important features of the practice are technique and adaptation to the varying level of abilities of people practicing together during classes.

And finally: practice of deep relaxation and meditation with the sounds of Tibetan bowls. Yoga nidra serves to sink into a state between wakefulness and sleep, assisted by the instructions of the leader. It is a special state due to the fact that we experience deep meditation, which consists in getting to know our Self and the limitlessness that is at the source.

I wish you all the best. OHM.

WHEN? SATURDAY February 20
HOUR: 15.00-19.00

Price 60 PLN


Best regards, Artem Nakonechnyi