RHYTHM OF THE BODY AND BREATH – workshops with Thai Massage / Klaudia Jasiak, WeronikaTyrpa, Konrad Szot / January 21-22

RHYTHM OF THE BODY AND BREATH – workshops with Thai Massag

The workshop is aimed at everyone who would like to learn about the simple and extremely effective techniques of Thai massage – working deeply with the body through conscious and attentive touch. Techniques to relax the body and deepen its conscious feeling, increase joint mobility and calm the mind.

We invite you to the workshops, regardless of age, knowledge and skills.

In a 12-hour workshop (2 days):

🌿 You will learn the basic techniques of Thai massage.

🌿 You will learn simple and effective ways to relax, stretch and mobilize your body. You will learn how to use gravity to effortlessly and safely release blockages in the body.

🌿 You will conduct a dialogue without words, listening to the body of the other person, because during the workshop participants form pairs, perform and receive mutual massage, following the instructions and presentation of the leader.

🌿 You will combine movement and breathing – the two most important elements of Thai massage.

🌿 You will learn to relax your body by introducing it into a rhythmic dance based on rocking and rocking. The workshop is also an ideal opportunity to experience together, focus on the quality of touch and discover its new values. The workshop will also include physical activities developing awareness, intuition and presence.

ABOUT THAI MASSAGE, which combines the most beautiful forms of classic Thai massage with holistic methods from different parts of the world. The meaning of the massage is “listening with your hands”, that is, soft and deep entering the tissues using your body weight with elements of passive stretching. It is a job especially aimed at opening and improving the flexibility of the body, reducing tension and restoring full mobility of the joints. It is also work on energy lines with acupressure points. The massage takes place on a mat in loose, comfortable clothes that do not restrict movement. The person massaged while lying down is arranged in positions derived from yoga – asana (hence the name Thai massage “yoga for the lazy”). Thai massage enables deep relaxation, brings mental relief and greater awareness of feelings. The aim of the massage, by moving the whole body, is to restore the natural balance and awaken the processes of self-regeneration.


🌊 Konrad Szot
Has been professionally involved in massage since 2010. in Great Britain, Norway, India and Thailand. In London he studied Therapeutic and Holistic Massage, there he also learned techniques of working on deep tissues and trigger points. He used his knowledge by working with athletes in the London physiotherapy clinic Physio4Life and massaging yogis at the local Indaba yoga studio.

In India he studied Traditional Ayurvedic Massage, in Thailand, he learned and perfected Traditional Thai Massage at the source. For several years he has run his body work office in Bielsko-Biała, currently he massages and conducts workshops all over Poland. In his practice, he combines elements of Western medicine with a holistic Eastern approach.

💎 Klaudia Jasiak
A therapist fascinated by Eastern culture, working in accordance with the principles of Contemporary and Dynamic Thai Massage and Traditional Thai Massage. A supporter of natural solutions, treating massage as a ritual that restores balance for both body and spirit.
On a daily basis, she works at Magic for the Body in Wrocław. The work inspired by the trend coming from Hawaii and New Zealand as well as Thailand and India is closest to her heart. In addition, a master’s degree from the University of Wrocław with the title of rehabilitation educator, thanks to her studies and practice, she learned to perceive a human being as an individual and unique entity. She gained experience in Thai massage, among others with Alfonso Cazenave and Balazs Nemeth.

In her free time, she looks for a new dimension of conscious touch in working with the body, explores the secrets of anatomy and spends her time actively, practicing yoga under the watchful and friendly eye of Barbara Chałat at the Ananta Yoga School in Wrocław.

✨ Weronika Tyrpa
In her therapeutic work, she values ​​gentleness and intuition, and focuses on experiencing “here and now”. In her practice, she combines a holistic approach with elements of Western medicine. Various massage styles and a wide spectrum of Thai massage techniques allow you to adjust the type, strength and dynamics of the treatment to the individual needs of the patient. She offers massages at “FemmeMed. Women’s therapies”, and runs lunar and solar acroyogi classes at “Kontakt. Space of Movement and Dance” in Krakow.

She has been enriching her experience in Traditional Thai Massage and Lunar Acroyoga since 2016. She has been enriching the practice of “Nuad Bo Rarn”. “She started and continues traditional Thai Massage with Balazs Bali Nemeth from the Sunshine Network: Traditional Thai Yoga Massage and Ayurvedic Bodywork. In 2021 she graduated from a 2-year day school of classic Western massage with elements of physiotherapy, and started learning Rhythmic Massage with Michaela Schnur. She shares the joy of life as well as the love for movement and conscious touch through the AcroTribe project.

We invite everyone who wants to dive into the touch, relax and calm down together. 🙂

Klaudia Jasiak, Konrad Szot and Weronika Tyrpa

– 11:00 – 14:00 – Conscious body work, Thai Massage techniques
– lunch break
– 15:30 – 18:30 – Thai Massage Techniques

– 10:00-13:00 – Conscious work with the body, Thai Massage techniques
– lunch break
– 14:30-17:30 – Thai Massage Techniques

👉 PLACE: Contact. Space of Movement, Dance and Music – ul. Szpitalna 40, 2nd floor, 31-024 Kraków

by e-mail: info.acrotribe@gmail.com
The number of places is limited.