INSIDE THE QUESTION – theater workshop with South American-Italian Teatro Simurgh / Fiore Zulli (Italy) and Carla Robertson (Bolivia) / * When: June 11-13, 2021

In mid-June we will meet the South American-Italian Teatro Simurgh. Fiore Zulli (Italy) and Carla Robertson (Bolivia) will conduct an intensive theater workshop with us. The workshop is aimed at actors, singers and dancers who feel they are searching for a unique offer of presence. One that gives the viewer a real opportunity to touch the viewer, to get up, is forbidden on a journey, reaching his imagination.


This acting training workshop intends to gather a group of actors/singers/dancers who feels the need to explore through a
rigorous work on body, voice and spirit, those processes that could lead a stage artist to reach that Quality of Presence that gives the capacity to take the audience by the hand and gently lead it to the journey that the play proposes and evokes to the imagination.

During the training or during his/her professional activity, an artist in search can meet with uncomfortable but fundamental questions like: “are we able, as actors, of really communicate with
every public regardless of their culture, language, religion, political ideas, moral convictions, etc.?

What path does an artist of the scene have to travel (or retrace) today to know how to tell stories capable of stimulating the viewer to reflections that can, even in a minimum degree, increase his level of consciousness?”

Standing in front of such questions, getting in them with each part of our body, without judging or seeking mental answers, is the beginning of a creative process based on a sincere attitude of
openness. The practice of inner unanswered questions becomes a constant source of the actor’s physical
actions, the breath that makes them live in each movement, word, chant, and even in each one of his/her thoughts on the scene.

~~~ LEADERS ~~~

Teatro Simurgh

Teatro Simurgh is a theatre company founded in February 2005 in Quito, Ecuador, by Fiore Zulli and Carla Robertson, as the next step of a project of theatre research and creation that Fiore Zulli (Italian artist) began in 1995 in Bolivia, just after his arrival in South America.

As part of this research, the company has regularly conducted its performances and workshops in schools and universities, state and private, in orphanages run by secular or religious institutions, and in indigenous communities villages of the most isolated South American ethnic groups where the theatre is normally not considered and often completely unknown, where communication with the public is entrusted almost exclusively to the language of the scenic body.

Teatro Simurgh has collaborated with sociologists, naturalists, psychologists and educators of different nations.
These experiences have always been the background that brought a living energy to the plays that the company took eventually to international festivals and official theatres in the capitals of America and Europe.


* When: 11-13 of June 2021r.
* Where: Kontakt, Kraków, Szpitalna 40
* Price: 380zł with reservation until 8th of May, later 420 zł
* Reservation & details: