Meetings with Voice / closed course

During classes, we spend time extracting sounds with pleasure and curiosity, finding out that we can use our voice in many ways – we purr, sigh, vocalize, rhythmize, sing songs. We use breathing and emission exercises, activities in the area of ​​imagination and movement. We get to know traditional songs of different cultures – from Poland, Ukraine, Georgia, Bulgaria … With their help, we find the pleasure of singing together, chords, musical harmonies, we connect with the meaning of the songs and discover various possible arrangements. We invite everyone looking for the pleasure and freedom of being in touch with their own voice, group and traditional songs. You don’t need to have any music or voice education behind you.
It is worth taking a comfortable outfit that does not restrict movement.

Sabina Krauze – sings, plays, performs, composes. She had formal music education behind her in the form of a first-level music school and many workshops and meetings with individual teachers. In 2015, she plunged into traditional, theatrical and improvised music. She co-created the Banda Furora project, was a student at the Gardzienice Academy of Theater Practices, and collaborates with the Italian-South American Teatro Simurgh. She conducts vocal workshops, takes part in music and theater projects in Poland and beyond.

WHEN?: Mondays, 8 p.m. – 9:15 p.m.