Sabina Krauze

Sabina sings, plays, performs, composes. She had formal music education behind her in the form of a first-level music school and many workshops and meetings with individual teachers. Her way of getting to know her voice began when she was 13 years old under the supervision of a soloist of the Poznań opera house. Over the following years, she discovered the space of the theater hall at the Gdańsk Artistic School, jazz and funk in the Native ensemble and the Krakow School of Jazz and Popular Music. In 2015, she plunged into traditional, theatrical and improvised music. She co-created the Banda Furora project, was a student at the Gardzienice Academy of Theater Practices, and collaborates with the Italian-South American Teatro Simurgh. She conducts vocal workshops, takes part in music and theater projects in Poland and beyond.