Julia Zawistowicz

Julia Zawistowicz – Passista G.R.E.S.E. Império da Tijuca

@zavistula has been associated with dance since she was 10. Her childhood dancing adventure started with hip-hop and contemporary dance, but later she trained various dance styles, ranging from belly and afro dancing, through reggaeton and dancehall, to Cuban salsa and Brazilian samba. Joyful samba no pé turned out to be her greatest passion, in which she trained under the supervision of choreographers in Rio de Janeiro itself 🇧🇷 (including Alex Coutinho, Jorge Amarelloh, Anderson Dionisio, Gabriel Castro, Mayara Santos, Mayara Lima and Kellyn Dew)

During her classes, Julia always tries to infect all participants with a smile, convey a lot of positive energy and instill in them a love of dance, because according to her, it is the fullest form of expression and the best way to express yourself ✨