Acro Yoga Flow + Thai Massage with AcroTribe (intermediate and advanced) / summer break

On Tuesdays at 20:30 we invite intermediate and advanced people who started their adventure with acroyoga and Thai massage at least a year ago. (Beginners are invited on Tuesdays at 7:15 p.m.)

Flow is one of the key elements of acroyoga. The flow of vital forces in the body, the flow between the body and the mind, the flow of good energy between the practitioners, smooth transition from position to position… Tuesday meetings are a time of rest from everyday matters. Time to relax, wake up and feel your whole body. Our meeting is also an ideal opportunity to experience together, develop communication and have fun.

Expect meetings full of movement, feeling, interaction and contact, during which we share valuable experiences in working with the body and partner. We conduct classes based on favorite exercises from various disciplines, including: acroyoga, acrobalance, movement, play-fight and Thai massage. The training will develop our coordination and agility, strength and flexibility, and mindfulness. Because AcroYoga is a sport based on trust and cooperation, we attach great importance to group integration, mutual respect and good contact.

“AcroYoga combines several elements in an inspiring way: the wisdom of yoga, the dynamics of acrobatics and the delicacy of massage. It is a sensitive exchange that allows us to deepen trust in ourselves, our partner and space. It opens the senses, develops empathy and communication skills, builds stability, and at the same time strengthens and relaxes. Creates harmony. It allows you to integrate emotions and the body, expand consciousness, soar high and experience how the impossible becomes possible. It makes our body full of life energy. It gives freedom. It can stop time so that we can feel the pure joy of uninhibited being here and now. It’s beautiful. And that’s why we love it!”

We invite you without registration, but on time 🙂

Weronika, Rafał and Eliza

Contact and AcroTribe

WHAT TO BRING? Water. We exercise barefoot, in comfortable and non-slip clothes without pockets, zippers, buttons, etc.

CLASSES LEAD BY: Weronika, Rafał and Eliza. More:

CLASS TIME: Tousdays, 8:30 p.m. – 9:45 p.m.

PRICE LIST: The contact price list applies –

WE HONOR: one-time entry (PLN 40), Kontakt Passes, Multisport and Medicover cards  (+ PLN 10 to MultiSport and Medicover cards).