African Songs Vocal Workshop – Lydie Kotlinski / June 16

Workshops a cappella with traditional Gospels songs and songs from West Africa (Kongo, Benin, Senegal, Mali) and South Africa (zulu and xhosa languages). / *polyphony

*Polyphony (2 or 3 voices / choir), approach of the « response song ».


WHEN? Sunday, June 16th, 2024 / 5 p.m. – 7.30 p.m.


WHERE? KONTAKT, Space of Movement, Dance and Music, Szpitalna street 40, 1 floor, Kraków

Registration: priv. or e-mail:


1. Technical lesson of singing (breathing, muscles, posture, and connection of all the « body structure » ).

All of the body is singing, vocal exercises.

2. Exploration of different « voices », different sounds each person can produce.

3. Rythm exercices, practice feet and clap hands, all of the body is playing.

4. Improvisation, developement of the correlation rythm/harmony/ melody.


This course is led by a professional singer with a background in classical vocal training (conservatory) and jazz (Parisian school). 18 years of professional a cappella vocal polyphony in a cappella vocal trio and quartet.

Has been leading singing courses for 25 years.


To feel free, free to let your voice go without barriers. Just let the air flow.

*Let yourself go to the simple pleasure of playing, trusting the benevolent group.

*Let ourselves vibrate.

Receive these internal vibrations where the whole body sounds, everything resonates.

*Connecting to our vital energy through the voice that reveals our inner self.

And let the joy come. The joy of being together. The joy of being.

*To feel that we are part of the harmony, the harmony of voices and the harmony of souls.

*We release mental and physical tensions by letting ourselves sing.

*Let us rediscover the feeling that singing is first of all a natural, a simple act.

*Singing connects us to ourselves and to others, to what surrounds us.

With musical games of poliphony to hear better, to become aware of and better direct one’s voice.

For everyone!