The Theater Night in Kontakt – Performance Butoh “Words, words, words” – Krzysztof Jerzak, dr Maja Baczyńska

14. NIGHT OF THEATERS – June 19, 2021

Performance Butoh “Words, words, words …”

Krzysztof Jerzak (butoh dance)
Maja [Maya] Baczyńska (live music)

Rebellion is dying
Nothing and words
They don’t covet meaning

The performance is an improvisation: body and speech accompanied by the sounds of instruments and singing. It is an introspection of a character focused on expressing the states of the body and mind in the present moment.

TERM June 19 h. 20:00

PLACE Kontakt. Space of Movement, Dance and Music
ul. Szpitalna 40, 1st floor, Kraków


BOOKING PLACES (the number of places is limited, the order of applications decides)
e-mail: / phone: 518 744 003

Krzysztof Jerzak – Butoh dancer, choreographer, aikido trainer. In 1987 he started Aikido training and since 2003 he has been teaching with regular classes. He currently holds a master’s degree 4 dan. He is the founder and teacher of the Krakow Aikido Kobayashi Hirokazu Academy. In 1999 he began studying Japanese Butoh dance. He took lessons from: Daisuke Yoshimoto, Itto Morita, Atsushi Takenouchi, Imre Thormann, Katsura Kan and others. His output includes several solo performances: “Honest?” (2002), “Beyond” (2005), “Straw-butoh” (2009), “Dividing (2019),” Words, words, words ……… “(2019),” Hana no michi “- The Way of Flowers (2020). In 2004, he ran a year-round project called “Integration in dance therapy” in which deaf people also participated – for the participants, he wrote and directed the performance “Flowers on the pavement”. In the years 2005-2011 he collaborated many times with independent artists: musicians, actors, dancers and filmmakers, co-creating stage and film presentations. In 2008, together with the Do-Teatr group, he co-created the performance “Aite” (choreography and dance). He regularly conducts workshops in several cities in Poland.

dr Maja [Maya] Baczyńska – musician, director, songwriter. Deputy editor-in-chief at Presto magazine. Muzyka Film Sztuka / Presto Junior, editor-in-chief of the film Presto and coordinator of the My Music Story social campaign and the philosophical blog “My Messages”. Founder of the MUDO Music Documentaries film group. Winner of film, music, theater and poetry awards. For 13 years he has been regularly conducting workshops and music classes, including integration activities, for children, students, adults and seniors. He is interested in musical therapy with the use of sound bowls (“Tibetan”). He regularly performs solo and in various line-ups (including with: Dagny Baczyńska-Kissas, with Marzena Majcher and Andrzej Wojciechowski, with the Baczyńska / Daniłowicz / Libner / Zientara quartet, with the Warsaw Gamelan Group, with Signal to Noise Ratio), performing intuitive music , at the meeting point of experiment and tradition, willingly combining ethnic sounds with ambient electronics and improvising to theater and dance performances.