Women’s Dancing Circle – Ewa Rumieńczyk / January 15, 6:00 p.m.

And yet! We meet in January 🙂

….Dance is a women’s prayer…a phrase that came to me once and stuck in my memory.

It returned every time I gave in to the dance movement that brought out the pieces of Me hidden in the unconscious.
Realizing each time that all Power comes from within.

And that’s what this meeting is about.

Dancing is your POWER.
Dancing is your FREEDOM.

Classes are based on the circle formula.

I invite you to the women’s circle, where we will sit down and share what is alive in us at the moment.
Then there will be time and space to move freely as you feel.

There may also be meditation, voice work, breathing exercises.

🌙 This time we meet at the waning moon, at the end of Mercury retrograde – a time conducive to closing things.

🌙 The intention and topic for this meeting are:
– The End, A New Beginning –

🌙 What can you bring with you:
• comfortable clothes for dancing
• a small snack for the common table
• item of power

Due to the limited number of places and great interest, I would like to ask for thoughtful registration.

🌙 Place:
Contact. Movement and Dance Space, ul. Szpitalna 40. Krakow

🌙 When: Sunday, January 15


🌙 Fee: PLN 80.

The place is reserved by payment within 2 days of notification to the following data:

Yogis Ewa Rumieńczyk
04 1050 1793 1000 0090 9328 2003
Title “Dancing Circle of Women – January – name and surname”

After 12.01 the fee is non-refundable.

Ewa Rumieńczyk
512 165 565

When registering, please provide your name, contact telephone number and e-mail address.*

* data only for organizational purposes of the event.

If you have cold symptoms, please do not join! 😉

I invite you ❤