RELAXATION CONCERT “SOURCE OF SOUND” – Alina Jurczyszyn and Kamila Bigus from the SONG LABORATORY / 10.06, 8 p.m.

We will take you where the world has stopped. We will sing you songs from ancient spaces. We will lead you through field paths to the forest, where birds sing and trees tell amazing stories. We will sing to the river, to all the waters of this Earth. We will sing and play for life, in gratitude for the life that flows in us, in you.

Come, lie down comfortably, close your eyes and go with us on this musical journey to the pre-memory of your heart, your spirit. Everyone who supports you is there – your ancestors, grandmothers, grandfathers, great-family, Wakan Tanka, the Great Spirit, the energy of change that brings healing. Sound has healing power, it is deeply relaxing medicine, giving power to a creative, courageous life.

On this journey we will be supported by instruments: violin, shruti box, shaman drums, rattles, bells, bowls, flute.

Alina Jurczyszyn (Aja Piesionka): Woman Song, founder of Laboratorium Pieśni, for almost twenty years has been dedicating her path to exploring the extraordinary matter of sound and traditional songs. He travels around the world (including the USA, Japan, England, India, Turkey, Israel and most of Europe), conducting workshops, giving concerts, collecting songs at the source. A graduate of the Gardzienice Theatre, director of musical performances. He has recorded ten albums (including the latest album by Laboratorium Pieśni: Rasti – nominated for the Fryderyk Awards in 2020) and the book “Uwolnij się się” (“Uwolnij się song”). For the last years, she has been practicing healing songs and music therapy with her own instruments: shamanic drums, rattles, shruti boxes, bells, lyre, flute, ukulele, bowls, and tuning forks.

Kamila Bigus: violinist, graduate of the Karol Szymanowski Academy of Music Stanisław Moniuszko in Gdańsk, graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk (Interfaculty Institute of Art Sciences); vocalist and music arranger in the Tri-City bands Laboratorium Pieśni and Annutara, co-leader of Laboratorium Pieśni vocal workshops in Poland and abroad, e.g. in the United States, Japan, India, Turkey, Portugal, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Great Britain, Switzerland; co-participant of many album recordings by bands such as: L.U.C, Symphonic Theater of Dreams, Crane Days, False Month and Miejscovi; An artist creating illustrations under the name “My Gold Medicine”, a graphic designer for the albums: Laboratorium Pieśni “Rasti”, “He oyate”, Annutara “Po drum”, False Month “Forty winks”. Artist creating illustrations and music under the name “My Gold Medicine”

The solo album “Underwater” is available on:





Date and place:

Saturday 10/06/23| 8 p.m – 9:30 p.m.| Krakow |Kontakt, Space of Movement and Dance, Szpitalna 40

Enrollment and Finance:

Price: PLN 100

booking a place PLN 50 (refundable until 24.05.23)

Info and Registration: Sandra| EMAIL:|536577408

*For workshop participants, the ticket price is PLN 75.

What to bring?

– a blanket and a pillow to sit on

– comfortable clothes

– water