Project s.POKOJE / Dance improvisation workshops with Edward Rey. / May 18, 4:15 p.m

Dance improvisation workshops with Edwar Rey

📆 May 18, 4:15 p.m

📍 Movement and Dance Space Contact
Contact. Space of Movement, Dance and Music
st. Szpitalna 40, Krakow

Classes based on dance improvisation, contact improvisation and body awareness. We mutually develop creativity, awareness and the dance element. We are looking for ways to communicate musicality, rhythm and expression. The classes aim at mastering the techniques of leading and being led, giving oneself trust and the so-called. stimuli to discover their own dance qualities and possibilities. Classes are intended for anyone who is looking for dance and movement openness, and is looking for pleasure, relaxation and readiness to dance.

Workshops are free.


Edward Rey
Dancer and painter. A graduate of the Krakow Academy of Fine Arts. Participant of the 10th Academy at the Gardzienice Theatre, and many other dance and theater workshops and trainings. Lover of music and travel, founder of Przestrzeń Ruchu i Tańca Kontakt.
In 2000 I discovered tango and since then I experience movement, dance, theater and music. I have a great weakness for couple dancing, dance theatre, dance improvisation, music and singing. I like to look for bridges between different techniques and, above all, to feel how dance and music can connect and inspire people.

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