Say hello to our Mrs Christmas Tree 🎄❤️🤗


Attention. Attention. We hereby announce Gosia and Ewa as Heroes of this year's tuning. 💪❤️
Here it IS! Mrs. CHRISTMAS TREE. 😍 🎄 Our wonderful Veteran of many Kontakt Christmas. Green, fragrant Companion and Witness of our winter dances.
She is dressed up, flashes lights and is the MOST BEAUTIFUL. 😍😍😍

Thank you dears - Gosia and Ewcia. Love ❤️🤗

🎄 P.S. Entering the Contact, O Friends, be sure to greet our green Visitor. 🤗
🎄 P.S. Gifts for the Christmas tree in the form of hand-made decorations are allowed and even welcome. 🙂

Heeey! We already have Christmas here. Come on! 🤗❤️🎄