MEETING WITH VOICE AND SONG – Sabina Krauze/ May 15, 8:00 p.m.


During the classes, we will spend time extracting sounds with pleasure and curiosity, finding out that we can use our voice in many ways – we will purr, sigh, vocalize, rhythmize, sing songs. We will use breathing and emission exercises, activities in the area of imagination and movement. We will learn traditional songs of various cultures, including those from the Slavic region, Georgia and the Balkans. With their help, we will find the pleasure of singing together, consonance, musical harmonies, we will connect with the meaning of songs and discover their various possible arrangements.

I invite everyone looking for pleasure and freedom related to being in touch with their own voice, group and traditional songs. You don’t need to have any music or voice education behind you. It is worth wearing comfortable clothes that do not restrict movement. In the room we are barefoot or in socks.

~~~ LEADING ~~~

Sabina Krauze

A singer and musician, she performs on music and theater stages. She has formal music education in the form of a music school of the first degree and many workshops and meetings with individual teachers. She graduated in mathematics and cognitive science, paying particular attention to the relationship between psychology and music. In 2015, she immersed herself in the mainstream of traditional, theatrical and improvised music. He co-creates the SWADA and Baykuri bands, collaborates with the Italian-South American Teatro Simurgh, and conducts his own vocal and vocal-theatre workshops. She is fascinated by rituals and functions that music fulfills in society. On quiet evenings, he composes his own polyphonic pieces and improvises in places with beautiful acoustics.


May 15, 2023, 20:00-21:30

Kontakt Space of Movement, Dance and Music

Krakow, Szpitalna 40 Street, 2nd floor

cost: PLN 40