JONA Christian Body Awareness Workshops for Women / Kasia Maria Rosalia / October 23, 4:15 pm – 8:30 pm


you want to integrate your body with your mind
feel comfortable in motion
feel the flow and connection in the body
discover your beauty
listen to how God sees you



“JONA” Hebrew: dove

The “JONA” workshop is a time of relationship with oneself and with God through the body. This is the time when we listen more than talk, explore than explain. This is the time of femininity and support. Movement, breathing, meditation, dance, God’s Word. It is a return to the correct vision of oneself as a unique daughter of Good God.
“JONA” – God’s conscious femininity

The meeting lasts 4 hours, during which there will be time for a short break.

The workshop is aimed at every Christian woman who wants to be closer to her corporeality.

When? 23.10.2021 Saturday, 4:15 pm – 8:30 pm PLN 120
Registration via email:

The number of places is limited due to the comfort of the participants.

Kasia Rosalia has been dancing since she was 10, she has been teaching dance, body awareness and movement for 12 years. She graduated from an instructor study of jazz dance under the patronage of the Kielce Dance Theater, and for many years she has been training at workshops in Poland and abroad.
“I am a woman, I am a Christian, I am a dancer and I would like to integrate all these important aspects of my life during the JONA workshop. I believe that movement opens a person to the right way of thinking about the world and itself. As I move, I have more breath, thoughts are clearer, and I am closest to the deepest part of me that God lives in. I would like to share this with you. I cordially invite you ”