DEEP IMMERSION IN YOGA – Artem Nakonechnyi / 20.06

Dear friends, I invite you to immerse yourself in yoga deeply!

The workshop will consist of the following stages, complementing each other:
– Chinese tea ceremony Pin Cha and a lecture-discussion on the key fragments of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras in the context of understanding yoga
– yoga asana practice
– yoga nidra (meditation conducted with the sounds of Tibetan bowls).

Each stage of the workshop is equally important for practitioners to get to know themselves and the world. Individual parts complement each other – each successive one complements the previous one and helps to fully realize the potential of the next one.

Here is a brief description of each step:

The Chinese Pin Cha tea ceremony is based on short, but repeated, tea brewing in a small amount of water, which allows you to gradually learn the taste and aroma of the tea and feel its slow impact on the body. This time we will brew black pu-erh – successively we will brew several types of pu-erh, older and younger. The peculiarity of this tea is the method of its production, which means that with time it not only does not lose its properties, but even acquires them. The main advantage of pu-erh tea is that it awakens energy and adds strength that we will need at the next stage of the workshop – during the asana practice.
During the tea ceremony, there will also be a lecture on selected fragments of Patanjali’s Yogasutras, key to understanding the essence of yoga, based on seven different Sanskrit translations.

The practice of asana will be a flow, the main goal of which is to achieve a psychedelic effect – it is about internal experiences, deep experiences that have not occurred before. It becomes possible thanks to the specific sequence of asanas and the great effort that is necessary to do what we previously could not do, going beyond the limits of the blockages in our heads. An important element of the practice is the technique and adaptation to the different level of abilities of people practicing together during the classes.

And finally: deep relaxation and meditation with the sounds of Tibetan bowls. Yoga nidra serves to immerse yourself in a state between wakefulness and sleep, assisted by the instructor’s instructions. It is a special state due to the fact that we experience deep meditation, which consists in getting to know our Self and the limitlessness that is at the source.

I wish you all the best. OHM.

LEADING – Artem Nakonechnyi
He studied at various yogic schools in Ukraine (including Balance Yoga). Long-time yoga teacher in Ukraine. He has also conducted workshops at various festivals, such as: AVATAR, Vedalife, Etno drum, etc. He approaches asanas from the point of view of therapy and biomechanics and the correct construction of sequences based on the work of agonistic and antagonistic muscles.

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– June 20, 12: 00-16: 30

– PLN 70


– KONTAKT, Space of Movement, Dance, Music and Art
ul. Szpitalna 40, Kraków

Come, Beloved, plunge into yoga! <3