☀️DANCING STILLNESS – JOGA, FUSION BELLYDANCE – Mila Michalina Pławiak, Przemek Ćwik / ⏰️ 15 czerwca, 11:30 – 14:30

🌿 We invite you to a meeting during which we will listen with curiosity to the body and through the corridors of our senses and feelings we will find a place where we will find deepened body awareness, a space of relaxed presence and lightness of movement.
💫 From this place we will open ourselves to meeting other people, free expression and movement experiments.

🔸Dancing Stillness or Dancing Mindfulness🔸

In the flow of free movement we will try to recognize the unmoved

🔸🔶The tools for this practice will be yoga and Fusion Bellydance, pair exercises taken from Taoist practices and guided relaxation, which will end our meeting🔶🔸

🔹 First, we will invite the whole body to openness and freedom with a fascial yoga sequence, during which we will feel good cooperation with gravity to find freedom and stability in subsequent asanas. We will also pay attention to the integration of impressions flowing through the senses, calm breathing and a relaxed mind.
Don’t worry if you don’t practice yoga every day – we will make sure that the practice is accessible to everyone, but also interesting and intriguing for further exploration.

🔹What yoga triggers, dance will allow you to develop and take further.
No prior knowledge of this style is needed.
Fusion Bellydance is a dance that supports the body and is suitable for all stages of its development. Elegant, full of sensitivity and sensual energy. It comes from Arabic Oriental Dance and is fused with Indian, Gypsy and contemporary dances. Much attention is focused on isolated movements of the hips and chest, and snake movements of the spine and arms. Therefore, it comprehensively activates the entire body and counteracts “civilizational” posture defects. It helps develop the internal potential of energy flow.
During the workshops, we will learn some basic figures, which we will develop into movement phrases. So that when you leave these workshops, you will have familiarized new movements, ready to incorporate into dance and party repertoire 😉✨

We invite you to a meeting in a space created to immerse yourself in the body, open to its expression and learn something new

🔹When: 15/06, 11:30-14:30
🔹Where: Contact. Space of Movement, Dance and Music, ul. Szpitalna 40, Kraków
🔹Cost: PLN 100
🔹 We send the transfer details in an e-mail in response to the registration. Registration for workshops is confirmed after paying for participation.
🔹LINK to registration:


About the hosts:

Mila Michalina Pławiak – specializing in treatment through a holistic approach to the body and dance and movement therapy. She perfected her dance techniques at, among others, the Iba Dance and Movement Therapy Center in Warsaw, as well as during the monthly Serpentine Studies workshops in Amsterdam. Dance and movement are not the only tools for her in her approach to body therapy. In her activities, she is also inspired by archaic techniques of Taoism and neo-tantra, which she trained at the Academy of Sexual Health in Gdańsk and of which she is a certified instructor (KEN certificate). The practices she shares are based on the fact, supported by experience and research, that the body does not lie, constantly informing us about our internal experience. The main focus of her research is re-establishing contact and building a deeper connection with it. This is aimed at the overall development of man and his capabilities. Organizer of cyclical dance workshops and regular dance classes for women. Fascinated by the unleashed expression of the body. In her free time, she loves traveling and contact with nature. She appreciates both poetry and the prose of life 😉 She works in Warsaw on a daily basis.

Przemek Ćwik – a religious scholar fascinated by the potential of yoga, exploring the spaces of the mind and embodied experience through movement, work with voice, breath and meditation practices. He started his adventure with yoga 9 years ago, and for less than 3 years he has been conducting his own classes, combining elements from the Bihar school of yoga, the Iyengar method and fascial yoga. He likes tea, contact with nature and does therapeutic work, mainly in the field of systemic settings.

We cordially invite you!
Michalina and Przemek