BUTOH – DANCE WORKSHOP IN KRAKOW – Krzysztof Jerzak / 27-28.02

BUTOH DANCE WORKSHOP IN KRAKOW – conducted by Krzysztof Jerzak  (https://www.facebook.com/KokoroKJ/ )

This practice is aimed at people interested in self-development and deepening and expanding mind-body awareness. It is an offer for those who are looking for an authentic movement and a mindful presence in body in relation to others. Classes will be a combination of different methods of working with the body, forming together coherent whole:

– Aikishintaiso (Aikido internal gymnastics),
– Noguchitaiso (Noguchi Michizo gymnastics),
– dancing with / without a picture,
– expressing emotions in dance,
– improvisation,
– dance: individual, in contact with a partner and in a group,
– work with the voice (natural voice expression combined with movement)
– awareness of space
– meditation and deep relaxation.

BUTOH Japanese “modern” dance – it was created in the 1950 as a result of searching for new forms of expression. Its creators: Tatsumi Hijikata and Kazuo Ohno, both negated their own tradition (Kabuki, Bunraku, Nō) and “opposed the mass culture of the West. In Butoh dance, the body becomes a text, a record of human experience discovered by movement. Butoh creates opportunities for direct, total self-expression.

CONDUCT: Krzysztof Jerzak: Butoh dancer, choreographer, aikidoka. In 1987 he began training Aikido, and since 2003 he has been teaching with regular classes. He currently holds a master’s degree in 4 dan. He is the founder and teacher of the Krakow Aikido Kobayashi Hirokazu Academy. In 1999 he began studying Japanese Butoh dance. He took lessons from: Daisuke Yoshimoto, Itto Morita, Atsushi Takenouchi, Imre Thormann, Kan Katsura, Minako Seki, Yuri Nagaoka. He has several solo performances: “Honest?” (2002), “Beyond” (2005), “Straw-butoh” (2009), “Dividing (2019),” Words, words, words … . “(2019),” Hana na michi “(2020). In 2004 he ran a year-long project called “Integration in dance therapy”, in which deaf people also participated – for the participants, he wrote and directed the performance “Flowers on the pavement”. In the years 2005-2011 he collaborated many times with independent artists: musicians, actors, dancers, filmmakers, co-creating stage and film presentations. In 2008, together with the Do-Teatr group, he co-created the show “Aite” (choreography and dance). He regularly conducts workshops in several cities in Poland.

27-28.02.2021 (Saturday and Sunday)

Saturday – 13:00 – 18:00 with a 30-minute break
Sunday – 11: 00-16: 00 with a 30-minute break

Contact. A space for movement and dance. ul. Szpitalna 40, 1st floor, Kraków

PLN 220 – advance payment PLN 70 by 19/02/2021 (the remaining amount is payable on the day of the workshop)
* The number of places is limited.
* In the event of resignation within less than 7 days before the start of the workshop, no advance payment is refundable.
* If the workshop is canceled by the organizer (Contact), the advance payment will be made in full returned.
* We will provide the account number for the advance payment in the return e-mail.

RECORDS e-mail: jerzakkrzysztof@gmail.com