ATTENTION! COURSE! 3-month ACTOR IMPROVISATION TRAINING – Zofia Zoń / Piątki, 19:00 – 20:30 / start: 17/09


Fridays, 19:00 – 20:30 / start: 17.09

The acting improvisation course is divided into three groups. A new recruitment of participants will be conducted for each group. The course will last three months for each group. Groups will be closed. The maximum number of participants for each group is 10 people.

I encourage you to participate regularly in the classes, because the course is prepared in the form of a coherent set of exercises that will not be repeated due to the absence of someone.

Please send your registration to my e-mail address:

In the message, write a short information about yourself:
-Do you have any acting experience?
-Why do you want to take part in the classes?
-What are your expectations?

Costs: PLN 500 – the whole 3-month course (12 meetings = 15h)

An advance payment is required to confirm participation in the course and to book a place (200 PLN)

The course is intended for:
-acting enthusiasts
-people who want to break their blockades
– interested in personal development
– candidates for acting schools
– looking for inspiration to express themselves boldly and freely
-people over 16 years of age

– natural being in space
– discovering your spontaneity
– imagination training
– recognizing and naming emotions
– physicalisation of emotions
– contact with a partner
– vocal activities
– building improvised scenes
– character building
– work on short script forms

Main goals:
– release your expression
– overcoming internal blockages
– breaking down your shyness and shame
– using the language of emotions
– crossing the “comfort zone”, this what is known and safe in us
– openness to contact, dialogue and cooperation
– cognition of “body language”
– voice release

Improvisation is an exciting element because it contains an element of unpredictability. When we let ourselves get carried away with what is happening between me and my stage partner, something that cannot be planned in advance may happen. So, any improvisation is an adventure. An adventure into yourself, an adventure in contact with other people.
Improvisation teaches us to go beyond our so-called “comfort zone” – a safe and known space within us. It allows you to express yourself more fully and boldly thanks to our emotions.

During the classes you will be able to feel like children who believe in the world of imagination and its great power. You will wake up your creative potential so that it serves you not only in your professional but also private life.

Host: Zofia Zoń
“My name is Zofia Zoń. I graduated from the acting department of the Polish National Film, Television and Theater School in Łódź under the supervision of Janusz Gajos. I was associated with the Tarnowski Theater. I cooperated with the Polish Theater in Bydgoszcz and the Theater in Kalisz. I performed in films with Jan Jakub Kolski, Magdalena Piekorz, Braci Węgrzyn. I conducted acting monologue at the SPOT Acting School in Krakow and vocal classes at the Acting and Vocal School. For 5 years I have been preparing candidates for acting faculties. I am passionate about acting improvisation, which I constantly deepen and use in my work with people as well as in my own professional and personal development. I am interested in holistic psychology, deepening my awareness through relaxation sessions, I like discovering new musical sounds, I enjoy natural movement, and most of all I am fascinated by observing people. I draw inspiration for my work from books, movies, music, talks, travels “.