A unique concert: “Ukrainian imression on domra and piano” performed by refugees from Ukraine – Valeria Solomatina and Galina Brazhko / 29.10, 7 p.m.


Dear Friends. We cordially invite you to a special concert “Ukrainian imression on domra and piano” performed by Refugees from Ukraine.

❤️After the concert, we invite you to a Ukrainian home treat and a meeting with the artists in our cozy, Kontakt space. 🙂


Valeria Solomatina – domra (a rare Ukrainian folk instrument, belonging to the group of plucked stringed instruments)

Galina Brazhko – piano

Preparation: Ludmila Voloshin

1. Miroslav Skorik “Ancient Dance”
2. Mirosław Skorik “Aria”
3. Antonio Vivaldi “Winter” 2.3 parts
4. Henryk Wieniawski “Romans”
5. Denis Zabavsky “Kabora”
6. Carl Munier “Spanish Capriccio”

👉Admission to the concert – FREE

❤️You can make any free donation to a “hat”

🍂 Dear. Allow us to invite you to an exceptional concert of a young Ukrainian artist.
– Valeria is 18 years old, comes from Severodonetsk (Lugansk, Ukraine).
During the war in Ukraine, she had to flee her country.
She graduated from a music high school and has been involved in music since the age of 6.
She plays a very rare, little-known Ukrainian instrument – DOMRA.

During the concert, she will be accompanied by an outstanding pianist – * Galina Brazhko – who will come especially for this 1 concert from Ukraine (from Lviv, where she is currently staying). Two more important women for Valeria will come to Poland with Galina too. – Her professor from the Secondary Music School, a graduate of the Kharkiv Conservatory of Music – Ludmiła Wołoszyn, and Ludmiła’s sister, who will conduct the concert announcing individual pieces.

* Galina Brazhko is an outstanding Ukrainian pianist, winner of many prestigious piano awards.

👉When? – Saturday, October 29

👉7 p.m. – CONCERT

❤️After the concert we invite You for a meeting with a home-made Ukrainian snack – dumplings and borscht – made by Valeria’s mother by herself 🙂

👉Free entrance

👉PLACE: Kontakt Spave of Movement and Dance, Szpitalna 40, 1st floor, Kraków.