PANTA REI – a dance party with world music (untill 1 a.m.)

PANTA REI – a dance party with world music
Sunday (this and any other) – start at 9 p.m. till… (it depends on You).

Come, bring others positively crazy to dance!

PANTA REI – take a break …
From work, laptop, stillness, sadness, break away from each person, rest the work cycle in connection with veins, feeds nutrition, soothes, recharges …
This and every Sunday we give you a medicine for everything – DANCE!
Try it on yourself, it has the power!

WHITE ROOM: tango, blues, swing, salsa, ethno, rock, dance improvisation and other such … – what, who plays in the soul and knocks on their feet

BLUE ROOM: Brazilian dances, forró, zouk.

– – Admission: 5 zł – –

* We dance barefoot or in variable shoes.

KONTAKT. Space of Movement and Dance ul. Szpitalna 40, 1st floor, Kraków