ATTENTION. WORKSHOP IS CANCELED! BODY SENSES workshop: Cognition – Aaron Nowosz / 25/11, 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

☀BodySenses: Cognition☀

What are Bodysenses about?

It is an experience about touch, about relationships, about connection, about not being alone, about dissolving the illusion of separation.
About meeting your needs and the tools that are used to do so.
About closeness, safety and intimacy.
About the sense of community and awareness.
About dissolving shame, guilt and experiencing pleasure.
About connecting with resources and recharging your batteries – including tribal and community ones.

It’s in the essence. Which I love. And if you need more words, please continue.

The first part of The Body of the Senses is Poznań.

A one-day meeting that will feed your soul and body.

In the lightness of getting to know each other, first contacts and touches, we will set off on a journey about boundaries, awareness, touch and interconnection.

We will go through various experiences, such as: examining our limits, communicating and testing them in the Circle of Concord according to. Dr. Betty Martins and the various dynamics involved. Intimate communication and expressing your needs.

Massage with 5 types of touch, a shamanic experience in the quodoushka tradition, opening our bodies to the subtlety of sensations, energy flow and the gift of feeling.

We will enter the practice of conscious and mindful touch. In pairs, we will go through a series of experiences that will make our touch even more attentive and teach us how to give it consciously with different energy and intention. You will learn about touch health and safety.

Then we will immerse ourselves in another tactile experience that will allow you to dissolve and feel like Water. Feel part of something bigger. It will move the stagnant structures of your body and open you to flow. It will make you feel softer and lighter in contact with yourself and others. It will wrap and dissolve.

In this blissful state we will go for dinner. The lunch break will last one hour.

After lunch, we will explore in various configurations. I have prepared a few experiences for you that will allow you to observe yourself in the dynamics of the group, open up even more to touch, feed your senses, and get used to pleasure, accepting and giving yourself to the experience.

At the end, there will be two practices to choose from, which I won’t reveal here because I don’t like to spoil surprises, but as a group we will be able to choose which direction we want to go. This will include, among other things, the practice of our communication, contacting our needs and expressing them. Each of them carries the potential for bliss, pleasure and connection.

There is no sexual interaction during the workshop.
Nudity is possible.

For whom?

For anyone who:
– loves touch and massage
– wants and needs to recharge their batteries
– values conscious intimacy
– I want to be more open to life and others
– wants and needs closeness in a safe space
– looking for his herd
– appreciates his oxytocin
– he likes pleasure and is at least a bit of a hedonist 🙂

If this resonates with you, then regardless of your experience, this is the place for you. This is an experimental workshop, not a massage or process workshop. Points don’t matter here and the jury doesn’t judge. What counts is touch and shared experience.

– complete relaxation
– meeting like-minded and body-loving beings
– exploration without shame in a safe space
– positive boost
– a celebration of body, life and connection

Saturday, November 25, 2023
“St. Andrew’s Day weekend”

Kontakt, Space of Movement, Dance and Music, street Szpitalna 40, Kraków

PLN 350 (until November 1, 2023)
PLN 400 (after November 1, 2023)
When signing up as a couple, PLN 350 / person, regardless of the date.

An advance payment of PLN 200 is required. Details upon registration.
The number of places is limited.


It seems obvious, but I want to say it loud that I invite all heteronormative and non-heteronormative people #lovedoesnotexclude

Dress in comfortable, loose-fitting clothing.
Take with you: a scarf (sarong) (optional), a large towel, massage oil, and drinking water.

On Sunday, November 26, it is possible to arrange individual tantric massage/transformation work sessions. Registration individually.



Coordinator: Sabina Gądek
Telephone: +48 508–141–624

Presenter: Aaron Nowosz
Telephone: +48 739–987–950
Facebook Fanpage:

Space Kraków Ewa Breguła
Telephone: +48 502–296–944


Aaron Nowosz

Creator of the Unity Waves and Men’s Medicine festivals.

Transformation facilitator from the Art of Love school. He has been following the path of healing and development for 8 years. Participant of many (neo-)tantric, shamanic and sacred sexuality workshops.

He participated and supported Shachar Caspi in Poland for many years, as his assistant in the Art of Love and Shamanic Mysteries workshops. Supported and completed his international facilitation training as an assistant.

Certified practitioner of tantric bodywork at John Hawken and Freya Wolna’s Paths of Transformation school. He attended it many times as a participant, assistant and translator.

He completed advanced training in tantric bodywork at the True Tantra school with Anand Rudra.

Reiki teacher, has been practicing various energy healing practices for over 10 years.

He combines the practices of energy healing, tantra, sacred sexuality and somatic therapy, offering transformational sessions, leading workshops and supporting men, women and groups to connect with their power, freedom and truth.

He trusts guidance and helps others regain contact with their inner compass.

He completed over half a year of Osho meditation – 7 cycles of various meditations lasting 21 days and a 10-day fast. He practiced “latihan kejiwaan”, an Indonesian spiritual practice and tantra kriya yoga practice, for many years.

Privately, he is passionate about singing (including overtone singing), sacred songs, music and silence. He loves traveling, both internal and external. Values minimalism. For 3 years he traveled with a backpack around various parts of Europe and the Middle East.

It is fulfilled by creating healing spaces of tenderness and intimacy, transformational events full of deep experiences and everything related to development, awareness, love, pleasure and lightness.