GIRL POWER!!! – Spring edition of the Essence of Woman is on the way! – 2 marca, godz. 14:00 – 18:00. / Drogie Kobiety, w Was siła! – Przybywajcie! :)

March is a signature month for this theme, feminine power and strength. It’s a controversial topic in our society. When I speak of feminine power I don’t mean your ability to punch that person in the face. Although I don’t deny you could. But that’s not we will do during our meeting 😉
We will work with our inner stability, confidence and equilibrium. For me personally, feminine power is not the strength and might of an oak, it’s more about inexorable force of the vine, flexible, wise and life-giving.
We will discover how to keep the balance between softness and assertively, how to protect our borders and not feel guilty afterwards, how to be feminine, fragile and at the same time have respect of others.
We will meditate, draw, practice and talk in a circle of soulful women.
Energy exchange – 50 zl
Registration required –