Harmony of Voice and Body

Tuesdays, 6 – 7:15 p.m.
* Wednesdays: 10 – 11:15 a.m. (registration for morning classes: +48 605 274 454)

The Harmony of Voice and Body Workshop is a training that includes intensive motor work, exercises for conscious and efficient breathing, warm-up and vocal practice. The natural consequence of these activities is a relaxed, free body and awareness of its participation in the production and extraction of sound. By following beautiful polyphonic songs, you will learn the rules of being in harmony, you will feel the power of the structure and the supporting energy of the group. You will look for a return to the unrestrained childhood joy of singing, as well as mature and careful observation.

Harmony is understood here in many ways – harmony as a harmony of voices in singing, as a feeling of harmony with oneself, attunement with space and – finally – a feeling of unity of body and voice.

What does regular practice give you?
• relaxation of the body and voice
• body awareness
• vibrating and freeing the voice
• prolonged breathing
• feeling free to make sounds
• the ability to listen and hear

Group classes are intended for:
• all those who value personal development
• those who feel they would like to start singing
• singers who are looking for fresh inspiration and opportunities for artistic expression
• who like changes
• people who want to acquire or improve their ability to work in a group and partnership


During the classes, we practice barefoot and in non-restrictive clothes movements.
We respect the work space (we do not bring personal belongings or food, we try to maintain natural focus).
We respect our body and voice – we are not here to strain it, but to exercise gently and effectively.

We do not accept the Multi Sport card!