Contemporary Dance

Beloved, we invite you to new CONTEMPORARY DANCE classes with Masha Martos from Kiev. A dancer, performer, dance teacher.

– Tuesdays, 19:00 – 20:15

* classes are conducted in English

Contemporary dance is interesting for me due to its attention to the ordinary things, which are the basis of our life – body, movement, ground, gravitation, space, time, connection between them all.
The things, which we don’t pay much attention to in everyday life. And otherwise, the things, which need our attention to continue our meaningful presence.
At the same time, these are the things, which are always with us, even though we’ve lost everything. Something, that makes us human, something, we can’t loose during life, and still, somehow, we loose cause of our inattetiveness to simple being.
The main goal of my workshops is to bring this attention back to the body.
We’ll have 2 times a week to come back to ourselves through different body and dance practices which would not only teach us to listen the body but also to train it in a soft, attentive way. So that the body can feel itself more free, confident and live.

On Tuesday evening we will move more directly to develop our body opportunities: to release the tension, to soften the joints, to stronger connection of body parts, to feel the balance and coordination.
we will do it through such practices, as released based technique, noguchi taiso, flying low, axys syllabus, passing through and others.

*these classes can suit everybody, and are not connected to your background or age)

short bio:

Masha Martos
-teacher of contemporary dance, dance, performative and body practices for children and adults
-co-organizer of dance school for kids “Cheloveki” based in Kyiv
-organizer of different interdisciplinary laboratories, which combined dance with different art forms, as drawing, architecture, sculpture, literature, music, ect
-organizer of summer dance schools for kids and educational dance projects for adults
-dancer, performer


Non-binding provisions – light is enough.

During these classes, we accept the Multi Sport Medicover card, single entry for PLN 30 and contact passes.